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an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter

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Once inside a victim, the fungus feasts on the doomed creature's bloodlike hemolymph, nimbly evading prey defenses with tricks, some unknown to science.
Another fungus has caused problems for two tropical plants--rambutan and pulasan--new crops in Honduras.
You can easily browse through our guide and reference specific nail fungus products mentioned recommended by users like you.
These are based on his decades-long experience in treating fungus infections.
The first example of the new giant fungus was recorded by scientists in 2008 in Fujian Province, China, by Professor Yu-Cheng Dai of the Herbarium of biology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shenyang and his assistant Dr Cui.
Mike said: "It's probably an edible fungus known as the Penny Bun, also known as cep, or in Italian porcini, which can be found dried in many a foodstore.
The Learn About Fungus section has two overviews of mycology, one for the general public and one for those with more extensive scientific expertise.
The diagnosis requires a positive blood culture, histopathologic analysis, or cytopathologic evidence of fungus and damage to tissue.
Marigold flowers, since they consist of numerous nooks and crannies, normally dry out with difficulty after morning irrigation and, as a result, turn brown or black with fungus.
Scientists believe they have found a link between resistance to the fungus and the life cycle of the worms.
They spend their remaining days interacting with other frogs, spreading the killer fungus (see Nuts & Bolts, below).
Large limbs, one 5,000 pounds, crashed to the ground as the fungus spread fast and experts warned other ficus trees and shrubs were in danger as wind spread the contagious fungus.
There really is no escape from the fungus for people with low immunity to it.
The best results were with the fungus mixture, which increased yields each year by 14% to 23% in plots with added compost, and up to 34% one year in plots with chemical fertilizers.
I hypothesized that the electrical conductivity of the fungus would be higher when it grew under intense illumination, because it would be adaptive for the fungus in its natural environment to secrete greater quantities of digestive enzymes when more light fuels photosynthesis in the plants on which the fungus grows.