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The end result: an effective fungicide called Green Cure.
Fungicide application resulted in a range of yield responses from -2,683.0 to 3,230.9 kg/ha relative to the non-treated control, with 68.2% of these responses being positive.
Compared with the high efficacy fungicide carbendazim, the antifungal activity results of the synthesized compounds are listed in Table-2.
It said the extra yields gained from increasing doses did not outweigh the cost of the extra fungicide.
Pakistan Kisan Ittehad president Khalid Mahmood Khokhar, whose wheat crop in Khanewal district has also been affected by the fungus, fears that the fungicide spray will lead to production cost escalation, while the insecticides are also not easily available.
Selected as the 2018 Product of the Year in Agri Marketing magazine's annual product of the year competition, Trivapro fungicide is one of the latest fungicide innovations from Syngenta changing the game for disease control and plant health in the U.S.
Carboxamide resistance surveys and the regular molecular characterization of the pathogen population can help to provide growers and pest control advisers updated information that may influence fungicide recommendations.
Crop protection company ADAMA said on Wednesday that it plans to introduce its CRONNOS distinctive fungicide in Brazil in the coming days following the final regulatory approval from the Agricultural Ministry.
Fusarium wilt of chickpea can be managed by using resistant varieties, healthy chickpea seed, crop rotation, biological control, and fungicides, adjusting sowing dates, and adopting integrated management practices [6].
Bayleton is the most effective fungicide in inhibiting mycelial growth and sporulation of C.
24 August 2017 - US-based crop protection, turf management and animal health company American Vanguard Corp.'s (NYSE: AVD) Amvac Mexico Srl subsidiary has finalised the acquisition of seven branded Mexican agricultural market herbicides and eight contact fungicide brands from agriculture company Syngenta AG, the company said.