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a commodity that is freely interchangeable with another in satisfying an obligation

of goods or commodities

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The Provision specifies that domestic listed companies can offer cross-border GDRs backed by and fungible with existing or newly-issued A-shares.
"Each basket will be put together using specific rules, and all the rules will create fungible product, so that Basket Number One will be financially fungible with Basket Number Two and Basket Number 2,000," Keary said.
The tap certificates represent only the second fungible tap issuance of any previously issued Sukuk by an issuer in the United Arab Emirates to date.
(3) The compensation is fully enforceable as provided by article 1617 paragraph 1 of the New Civil Code--as soon as there are two certain debts, liquid and due, irrespective of their origin, having as object an amount of money or a quantity of fungible goods of the same nature.
There are legitimate concerns about how aid is used and whether it is fungible, but there is very little evidence that these present a challenge to aid effectiveness, at least in fiscal terms.
DP World shares will also continue to trade under DP World's existing listing on Nasdaq Dubai with its shares being fully fungible across both exchanges.
That way all of our products can be imaginary.' 'Can you give me reliable investment advice?' 'Yes, as far as you know.'" No cow is too sacred and no soul is too fungible for Dilbert and his compatriots, in this mercilessly hilarious collection that makes the perfect gift for any co-worker with a wicked sense of humor.
Mike Dowling, president of LDH Energy Asset Holdings LLC, adds, "The addition of connectivity to Explorer positions LDH as a key element in the diluent supply chain to Canada as well as advances the fungible trading hub for refined products at our Mont Belvieu facility."
In a world of perfectly fungible digital goods, measuring the money supply may be an impossible dream.
A taxpayer using this method treats all goods inventoried under the LIFO method that fall within a pool as fungible. Instead of measuring quantity changes based on the number of units of specific goods in ending inventory, the taxpayer computes, for the pool as a whole, the net change in inventory investment measured in terms of equivalent value dollars.
I've discovered a great new word that I can't wait to share with you: fungible.
(The archdiocese, of course, treats this money as fungible, usable for settlements or any other church purpose as it desires.)
The maturity of the USD207,938,000 additional 10-year notes is 15 April 2016 and fully fungible with the recently priced new notes from the exchange offer launched on 14 March.
The government supported its "indirect" tracing approach by arguing that cash is fungible. The court found, however, that Congress had rejected the fungibility-of-cash doctrine when it used the "directly traceable" language in the legislation rather than an allocation formula.