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Synonyms for funereal

Synonyms for funereal

suited to or suggestive of a grave or burial


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She looked at the little white bed, which had been hers a few days before, and thought she would like to sleep in it that night, and wake, as formerly, with her mother smiling over her in the morning: Then she thought with terror of the great funereal damask pavilion in the vast and dingy state bedroom, which was awaiting her at the grand hotel in Cavendish Square.
And in determining to make everybody else happy, she found herself so; and was sound asleep in the great funereal pavilion, and only woke up with a smile when George arrived from the theatre.
And next, let the trumpet pour forth a funereal wail, and the herald's voice give breath in one vast cry to all the groans and grievous utterances that are audible throughout the earth.
An almost funereal gloom seemed to have descended upon the Ghost.
The Romish mass for the dead begins with Requiem eternam (eternal rest), whence Requiem denominating the mass itself, and any other funereal music.
When the audience recognized these familiar mementos of Pudd'nhead's old time childish "puttering" and folly, the tense and funereal interest vanished out of their faces, and the house burst into volleys of relieving and refreshing laughter, and Tom chirked up and joined in the fun himself; but Wilson was apparently not disturbed.
had put in a funereal execution and taken possession.
He sat all night on his stool, starting at the least noise; and when the first rays of the sun penetrated into his chamber, the dawn itself appeared to him to have taken funereal tints.
He arrived in his Sunday clothes, very ill at ease among the funereal surroundings.
Among the former, the favorite horse of the hunter is buried with him in the same funereal mound, and his bow and arrows are laid by his side, that he may be perfectly equipped for the "happy hunting grounds" of the land of spirits.
She was the best-looking woman in the room; she made the dinner a little less funereal than the usual van der Luyden banquet."
More cheerful stuff followed, with two funereal Purcell anthems and a sombre motet by little-known French composer Guillaume Bouzignac; thankfully Faure's perfect little Cantique de Jean Racine provided hedonistic leavening.
Broodthaers's piece, with its deadpan lineup of cannons, seemed to emerge as if from the mists of time to envelop de Cordier's tombal compost heaps and together create a kind of imaginary memorial trilogy: first the deadly cannons, then the funereal mounds, and then the cannons again, this time as memento mori on a ghostly village green.
Gothically funereal, its progress eerily subterranean with a few apocalyptic outbursts, this lengthy piece is admittedly gritty (and occasionally fidget-making), but its overall impact is gripping and persuasive.
Colly, 32, made unwanted history after being hauled before International Cricket Council match referee Javagal Srinath for presiding over a funereal over-rate during Wednesday's stormy onewicket defeat by New Zealand.