funeral pyre

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wood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite

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I shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly and exult in the agony of the torturing flames.
As we were not to proceed upon our journey until the afternoon, I walked out, after breakfast the next morning, to look about me; and was duly shown a model prison on the solitary system, just erected, and as yet without an inmate; the trunk of an old tree to which Harris, the first settler here (afterwards buried under it), was tied by hostile Indians, with his funeral pile about him, when he was saved by the timely appearance of a friendly party on the opposite shore of the river; the local legislature (for there was another of those bodies here again, in full debate); and the other curiosities of the town.
And knew not all the while If they were lighting a bonfire Or only a funeral pile.
She burned furiously, mournful and imposing like a funeral pile kindled in the night, surrounded by the sea, watched over by the stars.
After speaking these words, the monster tells Walton that he will go to the North Pole and, in his own words, "ascend my funeral pile triumphantly, and exalt in the agony of the torturing flames.
Dragging it to a speedily constructed funeral pile, one "laid open its side by repeated blows of the blunted spade, and, thrusting in his hand, dragged out the accursed heart".