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a mortuary where those who knew the deceased can come to pay their last respects

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Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III wants hospitals, medical clinics, funeral parlors, morgues and other similar facilities barred from withholding Muslim cadavers over unpaid bills and other fees.
She said funeral parlors as well as event organizers found engaged in such activity would be slapped with charges.
He created a concept which could be likened to a franchise, whereby funeral parlors agreed to display his logo and supply services to him when he got respondents from his PR efforts.
Locals formed a queue as long as 2 kilometers to offer flowers as policemen milled around the funeral parlor, situated in front of the U.S.
The Jalwin's body was take to a funeral parlor in Bacolod City.
After buying the Donohue Funeral Parlor off Post Avenue in Westbury, the architectural firm of Horst Design International (HDI), Cold Spring Harbor, is currently renovating the 7,000-SF, two level building and transforming it into office space.
It was in his funeral parlor where the bodies of two Vietnamese fishermen were taken on Sept.
In turn, each Worcester neighborhood had its own funeral parlor that served a particular ethnic group.
The crematorium, linked to a leading funeral parlor, Lyndhurst, will be part of the 26-acre Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens.
Manuel's body was brought to a funeral parlor for autopsy.
Danilo Capin of the Capin Funeral Parlor in Iligan City said two of the 29 bodies were not buried in the mass grave as their claimants were still awaiting DNA test results.
The Funeral will be held at Hope Cemetary In the baby land section at 119 Webster st, Worcester MA 01603 on Monday March 10th at 10:00 AM...Graham Putnam Mahoney Funeral Parlor is directing the Funeral.
Due to their special condition, the funeral parlor crafted a square coffin to accommodate the twins, said funeral parlor owner and town councilor Eddie Mayor, who donated the coffin.
His remains were brought to a funeral parlor for autopsy.