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Awinja said, "Oh No, pole sana Frank," while singer Ginideal wrote, "Pole Fundi, quick recovery."
Rocket will build upon the depth and breadth of Fundi products and create new experiences for customers who depend on the mainframe to run their mission critical business applications.
class="MsoNormalIt seemed like a good plan, the kitenge fundi was a trustworthy person and the young girl was not to be dissuaded.
Concepcion said he started slow against Fundi, who came to the venue with a cornerman and well known Filipino matchmaker Art Monis.
The above two themes feed into the third theme which links the introductory chapter (outlining the rationale for a new theory of the African state) to Chapter 10 (detailing the new paradigm of the African state, Fundi wa Afrika).
As I try to make clear in my campaign, I am a fundi Green, whose basic attachment is to GPUSA, as being more oriented in that direction than ASGP.
The cortical valleys, or fundi, that lie beneath these swarming cerebral summits may help coordinate problem solving and other complex types of thinking, two psychologists suggest in a new study.
The truth of these observations was never more evident than at the recent FUNDI EXPO '91, the 11th International Foundry Congress and Exposition held in Monterrey, Mexico (October 21-25,199 1).
Confirming the incident, Turkana East OCPD Salim Fundi said the officer was shot on the left thigh.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 19, 2018-Rocket Software Acquires Australia-Based Fundi to Provide Mainframe Diagnostic Tools
According to a colleague at Kenya Ports Authority, where he was a manager and former Gor Mahia teammate George Onyango Fundi , who was the last person with him on Sunday night, Oloo was in high spirits the whole evening when they had drinks at Makupa Welfare Centre after watching KPA men's basketball team clinch the National classic league title.Fundi is yet to come to terms with the death of his friend.
If there are scattered or widespread flame haemorrhages in both fundi, however, one must suspect that the patient has diabetes.