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There are three themes that are consistent throughout the literature and they are as follows: humility, adaptability, and the highly influential nature of The Fundi Effect.
The Fundi Effect allowed Baker to speak to the spirits within people to encourage their potential to materialize into action.
Concepcion said he started slow against Fundi, who came to the venue with a cornerman and well known Filipino matchmaker Art Monis.
But there was nothing upbeat in Fundi as the bell sounded.
The above two themes feed into the third theme which links the introductory chapter (outlining the rationale for a new theory of the African state) to Chapter 10 (detailing the new paradigm of the African state, Fundi wa Afrika).
It might be possible, then, to have the "subscription" costs of SIR play the role of "dues" in the new structure, as the financial base of the fundi element of the Greens.
it has come of age under the leadership of the Mexican Foundrymen's Society (MFA), the AFS affiliate that sponsored FUNDI EXPO '91 and that has steadily crafted the foundry industry's technical competence and guided its productivity growth.
Only subtle color changes were noted in central parts of ocular fundi, but in peripheral parts there were signs of choroidal spoking and slight hyper-reflectivity.
VALUES: Mean systolic BP in the group without changes, that is, with normal fundi, was 150.
HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 1995--BMC Software today announced the acquisition of the DDLI Dynamic Reorg product from Fundi Software of Australia.
A Uganda-based robotics firm that provides students and developers with robotics skills, Fundi Bots, trained more than 20 students from the University of Rwanda as well as developers at the kLab innovation space, on Thursday 16th October.