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Synonyms for fund

Synonyms for fund

the monetary resources of a government, organization, or individual

to supply capital to or for

Synonyms for fund

convert (short-term floating debt) into long-term debt that bears fixed interest and is represented by bonds

Related Words

place or store up in a fund for accumulation

provide a fund for the redemption of principal or payment of interest

invest money in government securities

accumulate a fund for the discharge of a recurrent liability

furnish money for

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However, its failed float is a case study of the problems litigation funders face on the public markets.
Florida Funders, LLC is a hybrid of a venture capital fund and crowd-funding platform that invests in early-stage technology companies in Florida.
Phil Murphy's vision for reclaiming New Jersey's role as a leader in innovation, and how New Jersey Founders & Funders is part of a suite of NJEDA resources that support technology and life sciences companies at their earliest stages.
The Coventry City of Culture Trust has organised a Meet the Funder event on Tuesday, April 30, at Central Hall in Coventry city centre to highlight the types of funding available and how to apply for them.
What we don't yet have is enough demand from authors across multiple disciplines and across multiple geographies, and enough funders willing to support immediate OA publishing.
In fact, in the one and a half years since Singapore's laws were relaxed in respect of TPF at least five international funders have opened offices in the country, in some form.
* Develop, compile, and curate resources that research funders can use to communicate their policies to internal and external stakeholders.
Most funders have very specific requirements for what they want to see in a grant proposal.
Dr Joe Cox, principal lecturer in economics and finance, said: "On the basis of our work, we conclude that self-presentation and online 'personal branding' is shown to have a significant effect on the behaviour of funders.
Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, and Womena have jointly launched the 'Future Founders and Future Funders Programme,' aimed to draw on venture capital (VC) as an enabler of entrepreneurship among Emirati women.
According to Pritha Venkatachalam, a partner at Bridgespan and one of the report's authors, "The implications are hard-hitting, as the absence of a 'leadership bench' threatens these organizations' sustainability and long-term scalability." Bridgespan's survey included approximately 250 leaders from Indian NGOs and the Indian offices of international NGOs-supplemented with more than 50 interviews of NGO funders and intermediaries and secondary research.
The funder's involvement in the arbitration varies but many funders are run by highly experienced former dispute lawyers who are focused on the timely, efficient and successful resolution of funded claims for the maximum achievable value.
My organization, Southern California Grantmakers, is a membership association for foundations, companies, and government funders. We're one of 33 independent "Regional Associations of Grantmakers" across the country.
The acquisition will also benefit institutions and funders. The integration of Hivebench with Elsevier's 'funder compliance check' module, that will be developed in 2016 for the Elsevier and Mendeley data repositories, will also ensure that the data complies with funder requirements.
The bookAEs readership includes current and aspiring social entrepreneurs, students of social entrepreneurship, funders and potential funders, regulators, teachers, and those in business, policy, nonprofits, and NGOs.