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A viable and functional solution to the Cyprus problem that will terminate occupation and genuinely reunify our homeland must inevitably be consistent with the EU acquis communautaire and with the fundamental principles and values on which the European Union is founded, such as respect for human rights and basic freedoms," it said.
In chapter 3, the author investigates how Gentile developed the fundamental principle on which all medicine rested, viz.
administration openly defies and challenges this fundamental principle under two pretexts.
Miller supports this view, describing Pinchot's own transformation in coming to understand ecology as a fundamental principle of forestry.
The fundamental principle that must guide the decisions of the industry is our duty to serve the sellers and buyers to the greatest possible degree.
Hutchinson's letter charged that the Big Three proposal contradicts a fundamental principle of health care cost containment -- to increase the awareness, responsibility, and incentive of health care recipients to hold down costs.
said, "Cantor Fitzgerald's Debt Capital Markets team is committed to the fundamental principle of building and sustaining strong client relationships as the basis for meeting each client's evolving needs.
is something that people fight for: this is a fundamental principle of our society (.
That fundamental principle has contributed to his success, as he expects 2001 revenues to top $6 million, serving as products distributor to clients such as Lear Corp.
6, 1993, and Territory Panel with Stigmatized Self-portrait and Abstract Forms, 1992-93--exemplify the fundamental principle of this sort of project: shit and piss are primarily synecdochal, only secondarily metaphorical.
Unfortunately, Washington lost sight of that fundamental principle of representative government in its zeal to get to the bottom of the Watergate scandal.
The new studies rely on a fundamental principle of Einstein's theory of gravitation: Mass bends light.
NTTG is committed to the fundamental principle of observing FERC policy, such as implementation of the emerging Order 888 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.
A fundamental principle of sound public debt financing is that you restrict its use to capital projects that will last at least as long as the service on the debt,'' McClintock said.
It's rather surprising that such a fundamental principle has for so long not really been examined.
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