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(physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields

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Understanding the fundamental interactions of nature is certainly one among the most challenging topics of the modern physics; a unified theory able to account for the fundamental forces is a dream of the physicists since a long time [1, 2].
4 Six neutral (neutrosophic) fundamental interactions
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers built a rice grain-sized microwave laser, or 'maser,' powered by single electrons that demonstrates the fundamental interactions between light and moving electrons.
We're seeing the potential for a much more fundamental interaction than a lot of people previously considered.
Healthways has always understood that the fundamental interaction in health care is the one between patient and physician.
The Patent consist of several combinations of particle design, based on the fundamental interaction and transport of particles through various environments using sophisticated techniques to unravel the transport and biological processes taking place at the nano level.
The result of that gathering--a consensus report called Defining the Patient-Physician Relationship for the 21st Century--was released today by Johns Hopkins and American Healthways (Nasdaq: AMHC) with a goal to help improve health care in the United States by focusing attention on the fundamental interaction between patient and physician.
Objective: Gravity is the weakest but the most intriguing fundamental interaction in the Universe.
Description: Major efforts have been made by the European Union to increase the fundamental interaction between research, education and innovation, as key driver of a knowledge-based society.
Despite its critical importance, H-bonding is relatively poorly understood, And the iupac definition of the h-bond was changed as recently as 2011- highlighting the relevance of a new means to engage with these fundamental interactions.
McMaster University chemistry professor Alex Adronov has been examining various aspects of this problem over the past decade, during which time he has been assembling the expertise and equipment for a closer look at the fundamental interactions that take place between these two types of nanotubes.
It's possible that these two sectors talk to each other and interact with one another through somewhat veiled but fundamental interactions," he said.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in fifteen chapters devoted to fields, the geometry of space, gravity, black holes, cosmology, the dark universe, galaxies, stars, planets, the life of stars, the origin of the elements, elementary particles, fundamental interactions, the standard model, superstring unification, and a variety of other related subjects.
OneMarketData, LLC said it has introduced OneTick Market Surveillance Service in partnership with Fundamental Interactions, Inc.
Contributors from various physical sciences outline the use of lasers in making both materials and devices for photonics, and review the fundamental interactions between lasers and materials that underlie the applications.
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