fundamental frequency

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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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In the Primary module, a band-pass filter is needed in order to attenuate frequencies far from the fundamental frequency. Once applied, the resulting signal [r.sub.p,1] is taken as input for a DE block and the system proceeds to an estimation of {[[omega].sub.p,1][[phi].sub.p,1]} parameter set.
It can adaptively interpolate and smooth the speech short-duration spectrum in the time domain and the frequency domain so as to extract the spectral envelope more accurately and adjust the speech duration, fundamental frequency, and spectral parameters to a great extent without affecting the quality of the synthesized speech.
In Figure 6 we present the results of the inversion, and we observe that for the fundamental frequency there is a correspondence between FTT and FTE represented by the gray line in each plot.
The recordings were subjected to vocal acoustic analysis to be featured according to the fundamental frequency (mean and standard deviation) utilizing the software Vocalgram 1.0 by CTS Informatica.
At present, analysis on the fundamental frequency of pre-stressed concrete beams mostly considers the pre-stress in the beam as the external force of beams.
Transfer them with the expression in (2), and then fundamental and harmonic components in fundamental frequency SRF can be obtained, as shown in (3):
With increasing speed, the significance of the bearing fault characteristic becomes much lower due to the amplitude of the fundamental frequency increases greatly, while that of the fault characteristic frequencies only has a very slight increment.
Light intensity distribution of reference fringe image corresponding to fundamental frequency can be got in the similar way, as described in Eq.
This experimental investigation along with parametric study gave the variation of fundamental frequency with a variety of parameters.
Accurate AC measurements require sampling that is synchronous with the fundamental frequency. Or, if the sampling isn't directly related to the fundamental frequency, at least the fundamental must be known so that samples can be associated with each cycle.
Voice analyses was suggestive of significant improvement in following voice parameters--standard deviation of fundamental frequency, jitters, shimmer, mean phonation time and voice noise energy (Table 2).
The acoustic region has an extent that is three and two times larger than the acoustic wavelength of the fundamental frequency of the cavity tone with D/L = 0.5 and 2.5, respectively.
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