fundamental analysis

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(stock exchange) the use of fundamentals as an investment strategy

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However it could be difficult to give appropriate weightings to fundamental analysis factors as, while news travels instantly, it is not always possible to act on it instantly.
Global Top 20 International Integrated Companies- Financial & Operational Fundamental Analysis and Benchmarking - 2010, provides analysis on the financial and operational parameters of the Global Top 20 International Integrated Companies.
If you use fundamental analysis to view an economy, you'll likely be looking closely at its currency through economic statistics, which depict a particular sector of an economy as well as the economy as a whole.
Compared to fundamental analysis, technical analysis ignores fundamental factors like news and economic conditions, and is dominantly applied only to the price action of the market.
Of only slightly less concern to those who believe in the importance of investment decisions made on the basis of fundamental analysis has been the dominance of speculative activity in world markets--much of it originating with institutions which preeminently should be investing on the basis of fundamentals.
Unlike Technical Analysis - which looks at price action and trends - Fundamental Analysis looks at economic and environmental data, including financial news, to assess the future price movement of an asset.
Natural Gas Fundamental Analysis March 5, 2012, Forecast
This study provides evidence that supports the consistency of fundamental analysis with an Austrian view and helps explain its positive affinity with many Austrian authors.
Fundamental analysis views an economy and its currency through economic statistics.
Looking for a balance between tech and fundamental analysis is what I am doing at the beginning of this week.
Author's background as accountancy and valuation expert has been demonstrated through effortless integration of the concepts in accountancy and fundamental analysis.
Despite their different approaches, each outperformed the overall market using fundamental analysis.
17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Top 15 International Integrated Companies - Financial & Operational Fundamental Analysis and Benchmarking-2014 Summary Latest report from GlobalData "Top 15 International Integrated Companies - Financial & Operational Fundamental Analysis and Benchmarking-2014", the industry analysis specialists, that offers comprehensive information on the operational and financial performance of top 15 International Integrated Companies.
Based in Santa Barbara, California, Santa Barbara Asset Management (SBAM) employs bottom-up, fundamental analysis when selecting companies in which to invest.
The approach is disciplined in its use of detailed fundamental analysis to highlight stocks that are currently undervalued, but have a reasonable probability of realising a private market value (PMV) through the intervention of a discernible catalyst.