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that on which something immaterial, such as an argument or a charge, rests

a fundamental principle or underlying concept

Synonyms for fundament

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The fundament is identified "not as a doctrine but as the person of Jesus Christ" (27).
Ambassador Hamad Al Kaabi, the UAE's Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and a Purdue-trained nuclear engineer, said the UAE recognises the importance and responsibility of ensuring highest standards nuclear safety and protection of public as a fundament principle.
In the enlargement of competencies that the States have attributed to the Community with this Treaty also the culture was considered, on a very small basis (the smallest fundament which is foreseen in the Treaties: the complementary action to the States) and with all kind of limitations (it was the only field for which not only harmonisation was excluded but unanimity was foreseen in each and every step of the decision making process).
The research of the corporate social responsibility CSR practices in the Caras-Severin County brings a plus of information and analysis in the field and may serve to the fundament of the companies' development strategies.
DILBERRIES small pieces of excrement adhering to the hairs near the fundament
Its characters are scintillating; even more powerful is Burdett's depiction of an economy with prostitution as a fundament.
Your fundament is an attitude of caring about the audience and your message.
More than 20 years ago--in 1983--the monograph (in Russian) Kristallicheskij fundament Estonii (The crystalline basement of Estonia) was published.
In the past decade, perspectives on software development have undergone a fundament shift.
Factories with an investment of millions of dollars easily flounder and collapse as they have no strong fundament.
There is a fundament review of why manufacturers can generate value through production efficiency.
It should be noted that, armed with prestigious first references such as Radio France and RTBF (the Belgian TV broadcaster & Radio) for which it has implemented the platform, PERFECT MEMORY, for the time being, focuses on the Corporate and Media sector market, on the public and private archivists, on education (MOOC), on Human Resources applications, as well as on all industries where the structuring of their data is a fundament to their process (Oil field, health, retail, etc.
That, the beliefs of the nation's population, not money, is the fundament upon which human life is built.
Imagine its effect on me: without the grand story of the historical evolution of all life from a single original source via genetic and behavioral variation and natural selection--the fundament of our interconnection and solidarity with all life past, present, and future (a fundamental worldly fact with interwoven scientific, aesthetic, moral, and religious dimensions, a full range of human values)--what depths of meaning would mountains, rivers, fish, my wife's and my nurturing our five daughters have for me?
Thus, it would destroy the fundament of power in the global capitalist system: owners call the shots.
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