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Synonyms for fundament

that on which something immaterial, such as an argument or a charge, rests

a fundamental principle or underlying concept

Synonyms for fundament

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Prominent Bahraini businessman and Fundament SPC managing director Ali Ahmed Al Derazi received the award from the Croydon mayor.
must be shown to have violated as the fundament requirement.
His art spans three decades of thematic interpretations of the world around him and his fundament view of the world as he sees it has an ironic and sometimes sarcastic undertone.
Since entering the Lords last y he has helped fight "fundament wrong" parts of the Housing Peers have inflicted 13 defe to water down the Bill, but MPs will today debate overturning those decisions.
"This drive that we see in the Russian government to control more and more [of] the Internet, to control more and more what people are seeing, even parts of personal lives, deciding what is the appropriate or inappropriate way for people to express their love for one another...(is)AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA fundament wrong," ( Snowden said last month when accepting the Norwegian Academy of Literature and Freedom of Expression's Bjornson prize.
The article is an interview with Matthew Barney, the director of River of Fundament, the film adaptation of Norman Mailer's Ancient Evenings.
Although portions of Menno Simon's works have appeared in Spanish, this volume is the first Spanish-language translation of his The Foundation of Christian Doctrine (Dat fundament des christelyken leers doer Menno Simons op dat alder corste geschreuen), a core text in Anabaptist history and theology.
The fundament and the philosophy of a environmental control regulation-which sets admissible levels for the contaminants spill in a resource, be it air, water or land - are based in concepts such as environmental management and conservation.
"If there is rumors going around if there are reports about that media will be silenced and this goes against press freedom, this goes against a very fundament of rule of law and open state on democracy" she added.
And the British people, Mr Cameron, are still capable of metaphorically sticking one up your fundament too.
The US has faced some harsh truths since then, but Barney's follow-up project, "River of Fundament," 2008-14, is just as grandiose: a series of epic performances, a five-hour-long film-cMW-opera scored by Jonathan Bepler, drawings, storyboards, and a group of monumental sculptures.
Trimm's insightful instructions for initiating a fundament change of heart.
"Justice is a fundament human right," he added, "even in Canada."
"The African Union has no legal basis, no political fundament, nor moral legitimacy to intervene in that issue which is the exclusive domain of the United Nations," it added.
Sindh Assembly Speaker further said that Sindh Government was ready for Local Government election to be held as soon as possible so that the people could avail the fundament rights of getting their problems at Local Level through Local Bodies Institutions.
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