fund-raising effort

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a campaign to raise money for some cause

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For the most part, the Max Sidorov fund-raising effort is being applauded by indiegogo users.
With the rising cost of living and the threat of redundancy, we were concerned as to what the public's response would be to our fund-raising effort. We should have known Boro folk would come through.
Museum will be getting a face-lift starting next year, thanks to a fund-raising effort championed by Mary Oberst, Oregon's first lady.
Towey's claims to be non-political also don't jibe with recent revelations in The Washington Times that he lent his name and White House credentials to a fund-raising effort sponsored by a conservative Catholic publication.
Standing agreements with various business and social sectors enable the DEC to mobilize the media, banks and other groups into a single fund-raising effort. Funds are allocated by agreement among the member organizations.
He also proved to be a talented fund raiser, leading a $275 million, six-year fund-raising effort that surpassed its goal by $74 million ...
We will provide a listing of donor names and display a six-foot thermometer to illustrate up-to-the-minute increases in the financial commitments your peers are making to this important fund-raising effort. Visit our booth, and watch the CAMPaign grow as we get closer to reaching our first goal of $2.5 million.
Her ambitious ideas, she realized, were not economically feasible without a similarly ambitious fund-raising effort. Potential income from ticket sales was limited, as the 6,500-square-foot space could hold only 200 seats.
The Oregon Gardens is partnering with its home city of Silverton to move the only house in Oregon designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright from Wilsonville to Silverton, A $1.1 million fund-raising effort is under way to pay for the move, restoration and maintenance of the house, which had been scheduled for demolition.
The case statement becomes a critical focal point for the fund-raising effort; if the case for support is not strong, the effort will fail.
The case statement articulates convincing arguments for those who should support the fund-raising effort, and it educates library leadership so that they are better able to effectively verbalize the case.
and its five independent Nevada distributors celebrated the 125th anniversary of the state of Nevada with a special commemorative can and donated $5,385 to the Nevada Plant-A-Tree Foundation following a local fund-raising effort.
In his latest fund-raising effort, Virgin Radio Breakfast Show host Christian O'Connell sold diamonds to the nation on Gems TV to raise pounds 7,000.
Well over a fortnight later we have not even received the courtesy of a reply from the county council, despite advising that the event is a charitable fund-raising effort.
It's the largest fund-raising effort in state history: The University of Oregon on Saturday will publicly launch a $600 million capital campaign to support academic programs, scholarships and building projects on campus.
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