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Synonyms for fund

Synonyms for fund

the monetary resources of a government, organization, or individual

to supply capital to or for

Synonyms for fund

convert (short-term floating debt) into long-term debt that bears fixed interest and is represented by bonds

Related Words

place or store up in a fund for accumulation

provide a fund for the redemption of principal or payment of interest

invest money in government securities

accumulate a fund for the discharge of a recurrent liability

furnish money for

References in classic literature ?
Although he never told me so in so many words, I found that General Armstrong took this method of introducing me to the people of the North, as well as for the sake of securing some immediate funds to be used in the erection of Alabama Hall.
After that kindly introduction I began going North alone to secure funds. During the last fifteen years I have been compelled to spend a large proportion of my time away from the school, in an effort to secure money to provide for the growing needs of the institution.
In the city of Boston I have rarely called upon an individual for funds that I have not been thanked for calling, usually before I could get an opportunity to thank the donor for the money.
We were in great distress because of lack of funds, and the nervous strain was tremendous.
The effort to secure help from the Slater and Peabody Funds brought me into contact with two rare men--men who have had much to do in shaping the policy for the education of the Negro.
My funds are deposited there, and you can understand that if I draw out ten millions on the same day it will appear rather strange to the governor.
And Fred winced under the idea of being looked down upon as wanting funds for small debts.
She was reported to have I don't know how many plantations in the West Indies; a deal of money in the funds; and three stars to her name in the East India stockholders' list.
* THE SEC HAS ADOPTED A NEW RULE requiring a fund to disclose in its prospectus and statement of additional information its market-timing risks; policies and procedures adopted, if any, by the board of directors, aimed at deterring market-timing; and any arrangement that permits it.
In order for stewardship of donated funds to be managed effectively, it is critical that financial aid, finance, and development officers work closely together.
Proprietary funds, on the other hand, can afford insurers and the fund's board of directors "a clear and obvious role" in running the fund, said Reilly.
The most obviously environmental stock fund, which "seeks to be the greatest fund in America," is the New Alternatives Fund, which has a special interest in alternative energy, such as fuel cell wind and solar energy companies.
Joined by several other veterans service organizations, the DAV continues an all-out grassroots campaign in support of federal legislation to guarantee adequate funds for veterans health care.
Spitzer, who launched the first mutual fund investigations in early September, has been quoted saying the scandal is bigger than just "excising a few bad apples from the industry," suggesting that improper short-term trading may have skimmed more than $4 billion a year from investors.