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Synonyms for functioning

the way in which a machine or other thing performs or functions

in action or full operation

Synonyms for functioning

process or manner of functioning or operating

performing or able to perform its regular function

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Therefore, upon intake, rehabilitation professionals should gather information concerning pre-injury family functioning (e.g., relationship dynamics).
Between one-fourth and one-half of the subjects demonstrated impairment in most areas of cognitive functioning.
As the client becomes more independent by progressing through the vocational rehabilitation process, a family member might believe this independence is disruptive both to an essential family role and to family functioning. The perceived change stimulated the crisis.
Sensory functioning: Haptic Visual Discrimination Test, (McCarron & Dial, 1975), and the Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test (Bender, 1938).
Referring to the circumplex model, cohesion and adaptability are the two primary components of family functioning. Recent studies (e.g., Freeman & Zabriskie 2003; Hill, Freeman, & Huff 2001; Smith, Taylor, Hill, & Zabriskie 2004; Zabriskie & McCormick 2001) have reported a significant relationship between family leisure involvement and family cohesion, adaptability, and overall family functioning from a system's perspective.
Many individuals who fulfil all the tests for whole brain death do not have permanent cessation of functioning of the entire brain.
In long-term care facilities, music is used with elderly residents to increase or maintain their level of physical, mental and social/emotional functioning. It is used to elevate mood and counteract depression, to promote movement for physical rehabilitation, to calm or sedate, to counteract apprehension or fear and lessen muscle tension.
The presentation of symptoms and the severity of functional disturbances is varied in each individual case, but the cardinal sign in CFS is debilitating fatigue that is easily exacerbated in daily functioning (Anderson & Ferrans, 1997).
A new long-term study, based on a large sample of British civil servants, examines more closely the circumstances that may undermine physical, mental, and social functioning.
Moreover, recent gains in the study of infertility after spinal cord injury have allowed professionals to approach the care of newly injured patients with optimism for their potential in sexual functioning. In this article, I will provide a basic review of what is known about sexual functioning after spinal cord injury and the impact on patients.
To say that m is the function of x is to say what x should be able to do (in propitious conditions) in order to be functioning properly.(21) The (usual) implication is that it isn't the function of x to do anything it might do; functions are not, generally, wildly multifarious.
The stored energy (elastic) is essential to the proper functioning of the tire; however, too much stored energy may result in crack propagation within the polymeric matrix of the compound.
If this step appears surmountable, an appropriate professional association, such as the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, might consider functioning as the accrediting body.
DAC-III diagnostic program provides maintenance personnel with a sophisticated, easy-to-use instrument to visualize correct functioning of the system to machine interface, as well as correct calibration of all sensors and servo valve connected to machine.
It includes personality and emotions, intellectual functioning, as well as much of our control over sensation and movement.