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Synonyms for functionary



Synonyms for functionary

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"The clerk is the order, the functionary the species."
Now, here's an axiom which I bequeath to this bureau and to all bureaus: Where the clerk ends, the functionary begins; where the functionary ends, the statesman rises.
"Nevertheless, do me the kindness to answer the following question: A judge being irremovable, and consequently debarred from being, according to your subtle distinction, a functionary, and receiving a salary which is not the equivalent of the work he does, is he to be included in the class of clerks?"
Vogelstein's servant had secured a porter with a truck, and he was about to leave the place when he saw Pandora Day dart out of the crowd and address herself with much eagerness to the functionary who had just liberated him.
The two men presented a rather rare contrast: the public functionary was forty-two years of age and seemed no more than thirty, whereas the soldier was thirty, and seemed forty at the least.
The clerk who had rescued Petya was talking to a functionary about the priests who were officiating that day with the bishop.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 3 (ANI): In a first, a senior functionary of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has penned a book which will be published by a "non-affiliate" publishing house.
Any ad being sponsored by the government should not carry any picture of any government functionary, be it president, prime minister or any other government functionary.
Airport Manager IIAP, Asghar Faheem Khattak formally commenced plantation of trees by planting the first sapling with his team and other functionaries working at the airport to start the drive at the functionary car parking.
The judgment read that 'it is evident from the affidavits that the attitude of each functionary has been degrading towards the helpless citizen who was not required to engage in litigation had the criminal justice system responded to her complaint promptly and effectively.'
He is the first police functionary to leave his post since Tomas Drucker became interior minister.Robert Krajmer has resigned from his post as the head of the National Anti-Corruption Police unit at the National Criminal Agency (NAKA).
On the other hand, the BJP functionary also claimed that the issue of illegal Bangladeshi migrants into the state would be a burning issue in the coming electoral battle.
Khan alleged in Rajya Sabha that the decision to shelve the plan was taken last December and was on account of "an important functionary" writing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi opposing the proposed equity fund.
ISLAMABAD -- Taking away powers from NHA and transferring them to a high profile functionary of Punjab government for purchase of land for LahoreKarachi Motorway has raised question on the transparency of this mega plan.
He added: "The frequency of such cases coming to this court raises questions whether the rule of law exists in the state and whether the functionaries of the government and local self-government are even aware that villagers also have some constitutional rights, no less precious and sacred than for a high functionary like the present petitioner," the judge said.