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an adherent of functionalism

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The Progressive and functionalist ideas discussed throughout the Article could have convinced Justices that sound constitutional interpretation can and should consider the substantive consequences of different interpretations under consideration--in which case they could appropriately have relied on the Progressive theory of apolitical administration while interpreting the separation of powers provisions of the Constitution.
The functionalist paradigm assumes that society has a concrete existence and follows certain order.
The rationality which underlies functionalist science is used to explain society.
In the end the author returns to the original question on the positions of the functionalist and the innatist.
In response to the functionalist emphases on modernity and bureaucracy, Bauer raises a set of questions that helped me reassess my own thinking about functionalism.
This is not to say that functionalist or business voices have no place in the discussion.
By pressing its functionalist demands, the state, of course, has both diminished the independence of the university and forsaken its role as guarantor.
The first day of the event, October 1, will feature a special seminar and art exhibition on Brno functionalist architecture and Villa Tugendhat, the UNESCO World Heritage site and world famous functionalist masterpiece by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe which reopened to the public this spring.
According to what Lynch calls "the functionalist theory of truth," the property of being true--just like the property of being in pain, perhaps--is multiply realizable.
While confidently asserted, controlled and deliberate in terms of tectonic presence, the lightness of touch achieved is much more than a functionalist attitude to materials and building, or indeed a direct homage to the architect's mentor, Glenn Murcutt.
The challenge to functionalist and consensus interpretations, first and most insistently posed by class analysis, has subsequently broadened and deepened.
Critical to his reading of Renaissance materials, moreover, is a challenge to the "ferishization of social integration and cohesion that is the hallmark of functionalist organicism" (5) which Harris discerns in critics including Pierre Bourdieu and Stephen Greenblatt.
His version of the medieval Eucharist is overly dependent on the functionalist account of Mervyn James who derives his unifying theory of eucharistic meaning from Durkheim.
It looks at the current state of mainstream academic finance and notes that it is founded on the functionalist paradigm.
Just what we are finally to understand by such systems, what meanings are to be discerned in them, we cannot be sure, but the functionalist method is championed as a truly empirical way of study religion.
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