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a psychology based on the assumption that all mental process are useful to an organism in adapting to the environment

any doctrine that stresses utility or purpose

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The former town hall from 1932, which is an architectural monument from the period of Functionalism, once represented our borough.
In approaching the subject of functionalism in the philosophy of mind and Saul Kripke's critique thereof, it will be well to turn first to this authority and look at its definition of function.
The guiding idea is that physicalism requires functionalism, and thus that being a type identity theorist requires being a realizer-functionalist.
Functionalism in the modernist sense, after all, was about far more than mundane matters of use, seeking to elevate tectonics into a kind of ontology, as if a well-designed structure found its purest expression of function by simply holding itself up.
The basic idea of functionalism is that what makes a state mental is its playing a causal-functional role of a certain pattern within a system, and, specifically, what makes a mental state the mental state that it is (e.g., its being a belief that it's raining) is its causal connections to perceptual inputs, behavioral outputs, and other mental states.
Magnar Breivik skillfully links these two composers within the school of musical functionalism in the study presented in this volume.
For Craigslist, its success comes from functionality; it was designed to meet user need, not be "pretty." To balance the desire for beauty with need for functionalism, Angel offered methods to evaluate the effectiveness of creative elements:
The fourth updated edition of Philosophy of Social Science has been completely revised and updated to include three new chapters (on philosophical anthropology, functionalism as a research program, and theories of cultural evolution) and expanded discussions of interpretive social science and continental philosophers.
His methodology in working from the outside in is "nonreductive functionalism": nonreductive because each of the sciences of religion analyzed in the book has its own methodology, and functionalism because religions invariably serve diverse human purposes, both individual and collective (p.
A work of impressively detailed and comprehensive scholarship by Magnar Breivik (Professor of Musicology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway), "Musical Functionalism: The Musical Thoughts of Arnold Schoenberg and Paul Hindemith" is a 416-page compendium nicely organized into four major sections: Musical Functionalism: Perspectives in Early 20th Century Art; The Musical Material; Hindemith: From Vision to Form; Musical Function; Hindemith: Active Performance and Musical Recognition.
Book/The New Modern House: Redefining Functionalism
3) Anthropologists: Mach's functionalism as understood by Malinowski.
To do so, they stress a particular idea of the body, which Harvey designates as "feminist functionalism": Bodies are seen as necessary or effective in various ways, rather than as symbolically important (3).
She argues that the authors engaged religious, political, scientific, and social discourses while challenging contemporary functionalism. A highlight of her initial discussion examines Helkiah Crooke's Mikrokosmographia: A Description of the Body of Man (1616), a text that challenges assumptions of women as inferior but maintains notions of female embodiment and modesty that subordinate women.
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