functional disorder

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disorder showing symptoms for which no physiological or anatomical cause can be identified

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In addition in order to search and treat considering the recognition standards such as DSMIV(16) and rheumatology,(17) it is needed that this criteria help recognition and treatment of the functional disorders based on signs.
If the data are confirmed, it's possible the double-blind challenge could be used to select gluten-free diet responders and inserted into the diagnostic flow chart for patients with gastrointestinal functional disorders, Dr.
Procurement Anesthetics, Analgesics, Muscle Relaxants, Drugs Against Gastrointestinal Functional Disorders
They also specialize in diagnosing and treating functional disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, hastening your return to function, strength, flexibility and stamina.
of California San Francisco) present a reference outlining specific techniques for performing injections of botulinum toxins in the head and neck for dystonias like blepharospasm; functional disorders like headaches, salivary gland disorders, and Frey's syndrome; and cosmetic applications like forehead and brow repositioning, periorbital rejuvenation, and treatment of facial paralysis and synkinesis.
Cases address disorders caused by vocal hyperfunction, etiologies of glottal incompetence, functional disorders, those experienced by professional voice users, irritable larynx syndrome, and neurogenic disorders.
Newborn screening is a public health program that identifies genetic, metabolic, hormonal, and functional disorders in infants and provides comprehensive follow-up care.
To enable a more scientific approach to the diagnosis of pancreatic functional disorders in pigeons, reference values of plasma amylase (382-556 IU/L), lipase (0-5 IU/L), and fecal activities of amylase (13-16 IU/L) and trypsin (11-14 IU/L) were determined in 24 adult pigeons.
Elekta's systems and solutions are used in over 3,000 hospitals around the world to treat cancer and to manage clinical operations as well as to diagnose and treat brain disorders, including tumors, vascular malformations and functional disorders.
This diagnostic tool increases the ability to understand and to improve treatment of functional disorders.
Both patients with functional and organic GI disorders have quite pronounced problems with fatigue that affect activities of daily life, but those with functional disorders have even more fatigue and sleep problems," said Dr.
He brought to our area the use of nuclear medicine techniques to evaluate functional disorders of the stomach, liver and gall bladder; and he continues to be the only gastroenterologist in Sarasota trained to perform these tests.
Among the etiologies of functional disorders are electrical causes, factors similar to those that cause epilepsy, depression, and stress, all of which have been proposed by other authors.
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