functional disorder

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disorder showing symptoms for which no physiological or anatomical cause can be identified

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Sandberg-Lewis embraces the tenets and traditions of naturopathic medicine employing diet modification, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and visceral manipulation to treat diverse functional disorders such as hiatal hernia syndrome and ileo-cecal valve syndrome.
Key words: Blepharospasm, psychogenic, movement disorder, functional disorder, India
Beginning of it was 15-20 years ago and by advancement in information about the functional disorders of digestive system; academic environments became interested in categorizing a system which can be used for research and improvement.
The most important result of the present study is that significant increases in the CSA of the MF of L4 and L5 and improvement in the functional disorder indexes were observed following stabilization exercises using balls for eight weeks, when compared to general stabilization exercises.
A functional disorder like IBS, says Dr Fayyad, is a lot like having a car which is in running condition but always giving trouble because of dust clogging up its engine.
As with other functional disorders there is no specific cure and symptoms are chronic.
9,16) However, causation has not been proved in either scenario and the absence or presence of such stressors should not be used as primary means for distinguishing a clinical relapse, from overlay or functional disorder.
Doctors say IBS is a functional disorder of the intestines that currently affects 40 million Americans.
Among the patients with active IBD, 96% ad at least one functional disorder.
IBS is a functional disorder, meaning there's no underlying physical disease.
Epilepsy is a functional disorder of the brain, a kind of occasional glitch in the vast internal electrical system which controls everything people feel and do, society officials said.
In general, cases of functional disorder were correctly categorized by the medical nurses and registrars.
A functional disorder is one in which there are no signs of disease, and yet your intestinal tract sometimes does not seem to function properly.
The Acetium capsule, which is taken with a meal, targets people, suffering from gastric mucosal injury and a functional disorder (atrophic gastritis).
Doctors call it a functional disorder because there is no sign of disease when the colon is examined by x-ray or other diagnostic methods.
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