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a call that passes control to a subroutine

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In the beginning, we analyze all the samples to extract function call traces corresponding to permission methods that belong to used permissions.
Specifically, we use function call traces of permission methods to represent how permissions are used in a certain app.
Using these newly developed technologies, it has become possible to repeatedly search for the changed locations in OSS around relevant function call paths.
Because these changes would have to be checked across tens of thousands of files of source code by text differences, or by visually checking the differences in the structure of related function calls, the process would require an enormous amount of work.
t]) is less than 6 then the function call in the trace is labeled as anomalous.
the function call in the trace was tagged as anomalous in each state Si, then the counter of anomalies C is increased.
For example, the signature member function call p->f() now needs to be translated to p.
The inefficiency of the preprocessor-based implementation is caused by the implementation of a signature member function call as a virtual member function call.
Although other SystemC design environments require time-consuming manual code instrumentation, Vista affords designers automatic viewing of communication protocols and system-level interfaces to identify transaction function calls between blocks.
Features such as the function calls and the use of ready made code examples make it a quick and easy development environment for both Windows and Linux.
In addition, the Fabric Management Suite provides a high level Fabric Maintenance Library API (FML-API), which is a set of system function calls that integrate into existing applications to provide Fabric Management functions such as discovery, enumeration, monitoring and reporting.
Vista enables designers to automatically view communication protocols and system-level interfaces, and to identify transaction function calls between blocks, without the time-consuming manual code instrumentation that has historically been necessary in SystemC design environments.
The DDK architecture is common to all SBS WAN products and enables customers to use high-level drivers or low-level function calls for applications development.
Another beta customer, a $60M healthcare software organization using the PL/SQL Migration Studio to convert its Oracle-based product to SQL Server, stated: "Of the products that we tested, ArtinSoft's Migration Studio was the clear winner due to a more complete conversion of PL/SQL (especially function calls within stored procedures) and a superior user interface.
0 adds hierarchical synthesis and reuse capability to eXCite's synthesis flow, automatically synthesizing functions and function calls by utilizing Y Explorations' Reuse Automation(TM) interface and database technology.