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an acrobat who performs on a tightrope or slack rope

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In 1913, Levi wrote to Scerbatskoj of a rare visit La Vallee Poussin had condescended to pay him, in which he spoke in funambulist, convoluted, cryptic terms to which he held the unenviable secret, so as to draw Levi out, but which Levi chose to ignore.
Jean-Francois Gravelet was the most spectacular funambulist, or tightrope-walker, of his day or probably any other day.
While some artists focused on the darker aspects of circus life, such as the danger inherent in many of the performances or the appeal of the grotesque, others memorialized individual circus performers like trapeze artist Alfredo Codona, animal trainer Clyde Beatty, or funambulist (tightrope walker) "Bird" Millman, whose physical prowess, courage, and grace earned them celebrity status.
Commonly found in circuses, how is a funambulist better known?
A moment of inertia is an object's resistance to rotation; in the tightrope walker's case, the pole resists being torqued and adds further stabilization to the funambulist gripping it.
Nik Wallenda, a seventh-generation funambulist from the Flying Wallendas circus family, cycled more than 100ft along the wire strung between two hotels at the Paradise Island Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.
Dr Heeley, aged 49, remembers the millennium events in the city centre - particularly the high-wire walk between two of the city's three spires by French funambulist Ramon Kelvinck - as a pinnacle of his career.
To continually experience criticism live, like funambulists balancing on a tightrope: this is the lot of all creators who express themselves freely and publicly.
a never-ending parade with clowns and funambulists in my own mouth, homemade treasure chest of tongue and teeth, the brain's roustabout, rough unfurler of tents and trapezes, off-the-cuff unruly troublemaker in the high church museum of the world.
The rest have continued on as funambulists to this day, and though some struggle to maintain their balance more than others, these interesting systems promise to be there tomorrow.