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Synonyms for fumitory

delicate European herb with greyish leaves and spikes of purplish flowers

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Cardioactive Herbs Broom tops Cactus Granti florus fruit Coltsfoot leaf Devil's claw Dogbane root Figwort Foxglove Fumitory Ginger Ginseng Golden seal Hawthorn Immortal root Kola Lily of the valley Linden flower Mistletoe leaf Motherwort Pleurisy root Prickly ash bark * Box 2.
If it is desirable to procure a deeply unconscious state so as to enable the pain to be borne, place darnel-water into the wine; or administer fumitory, opium, hyoscyamus (half dram dose of each); nutmeg, crude aloes-wood (4 grains of each).
It tells you what action plans there are to protect birds, mammals, insects and plants along our coast, from petalwort and purple-ramping fumitory to vernal mining bees and northern dune tiger beetle (that last one sounds particularly fierce).
Aquarius: January 21 - February 19: Elderberries (and flowers), and Fumitory.
Dermalogica's Environmental Control System skincare products contain botanicals such as lemon, fumitory and fumaric acid which create an anti- ozone shield for the skin, counteracting reactive ozone before it causes harm.