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Synonyms for fumigate


Synonyms for fumigate

treat with fumes, expose to fumes, especially with the aim of disinfecting or eradicating pests


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Ellie-Jo And finally on Tuesday - the day after the Telegraph contacted Whitefriars to explain - neighbourhood officers visited Robin Hood Road to fumigate the flat and speak to angered residents.
A health worker fumigates a house at Carabayllo district on the outskirts of Lima, Peru.
These fumigations are destroying our environment," he says, "because every time they fumigate fields, the peasants plant again on new land, and they're moving deeper into the jungles.
Fumigate or heat-sterilize the soil to prevent the growth of damping-off fungi during early seedling growth.
and noncleanable items and to fumigate the building.
Prostate cancer risk also appears to be elevated among the workers with exposure to high doses of methyl bromide, which is used to fumigate soil and stored grains, the researchers report in the May American Journal of Epidemiology.
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Pest controllers were called in to fumigate nests and remove eggs laid by one of Britain's most venomous species of spiders.
Dubai Residents have been urged to inform their neighbours if they wish to fumigate their apartments, a Dubai Police official has said.
Smokers both, their sole concession to their only child coughing in the back was to wind down the windows in a vain attempt to fumigate the vehicle.
Denise said: "It took three people an entire day to fumigate and clear the flat and even they were shocked to see rotten food and insect larvae inside the sofa.
Pest controllers had to be called in to fumigate offices after a suspected outbreak of fleas at a North East hospital.
Clear out fruits and flowers when they are over and fumigate it in order to kill off any insect pests that might over-winter in there.
Given the 42 years it would take to fumigate the exposed area, an alternative technology could be developed.
Nearby residents of Chelmsford Road in Linthorpe had contacted the Evening Gazette angry that Middlesbrough Council had not taken action to fumigate the house after seeing the swarm multiply.