fumed oak

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oak given a weathered appearance by exposure to fumes of ammonia

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The whole thing was about designating spaces -- the kitchen is designated by one monolithic block of (unfilled Roman travertine) stone, the table is a monolithic bloc of timber and the credenza in the middle of the room is a monolith of recycled fumed oak veneer.
uk, 0845 077 8888): can also be laid in basket-weave formation Galleria solid white fumed oak pounds 41 sq m (www.
The Alpi Group has added a line of Fumed Oak products to its family of decorative veneer.
The lobby will also be finished with fumed oak floors, Vermont Cold Spring Black Granite and lacquered panels on the walls, and feature an eclectic mix of custom and antique furniture with elaborate bronze door pulls by Michele Oka Doner, a Soho artist.