fulminate of mercury

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a fulminate that when dry explodes violently if struck or heated

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It wasn't until the fulminate of mercury was made into a solid pellet and put into a convenient metal container--the percussion cap--around 1820 that the percussion system of ignition took off.
Before leaving the subject of fulminate of mercury, I should mention that while the use of primers containing it in commercial ammunition ended during the late 1920s, they continued to be loaded in military ammunition for many years thereafter.
Fulminate of mercury gets some pretty righteous product placement; everyone with a score to settle is going to want some.
Terror, in the form of militant anarchism--the Al Qaeda of its era--had already been on the march for a generation, its detonations caused by such devices as the "Orsini bomb," whose sinister horns were filled with fulminate of mercury, which exploded on impact, thus bypassing the need for a fuse.
The explosive mixture to be packed inside was fulminate of mercury, a highly volatile sandy-coloured crystalline powder substance.
The lever action firearms they developed was designed around a caseless Rocket Ball cartridge consisting of a hollow base bullet containing a powder charge, reported by some sources as fulminate of mercury, and capped with a primer.
By means of a wheel or finger, individual dots of fulminate of mercury were automatically placed in position over the percussion nipple when the gun was cocked.