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heavy short-tailed oceanic bird of polar regions

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Fulmars breed in small numbers along the North Wales coast, and the Police are appealing for any information about the deaths.
It includes the work of the North East Beached Bird Surveys group, which is part of a wider North Sea study of fulmars.
Lewek Fulmar is one of our four new vessels which will significantly add to the Group's expansion into ultra-deepwater territory.
The Auk North and Burghley fields will be developed and tied back by the company to Talisman's Fulmar A platform and the Premier Oil-operated Balmoral Floating Production Vessel respectively, pursuant to the contract, both including pre-commissioning and commissioning support.
The fields are to be tied back to Talisman's Fulmar A platform and the Premier Oil-operated Balmoral Floating Production Vessel respectively.
Similar winds occur at the northern fulmar colony at Cape Vera, Devon Island.
A murder inquiry was launched after the 21-year-old, from Fulmar Lane, Wellingborough, Northants, was pronounced dead in hospital.
Trainee accountant Ben, 24, lives with Bryher at Fulmar Close, St Mellons, Cardiff.
OSS operatives Dick Caniday and Eric Fulmar, along with their boss, "Wild Bill" Donovan, are given orders by the President to take care of the spies and to bring a certain noted Italian scientist out of Sicily.
Less famous types of aircraft like the Fairey Fulmar and Blackburn Skua held the line during the first two years of action, yet today remain unknown except by enthusiasts.
Papers published as early as the 1940s report intriguing observations, for instance, that a sea bird called a fulmar passing downwind of floating pork fat worked its way toward the slick by zigzagging back and forth across the wind.
l The world's largest Gannetry and Britain's largest Puffin and Fulmar colonies can be found on St Kilda, off Scotland's west coast.
USS FULMAR AM 45 AND VMS 193 1943-58--June 14-16, 2003, Laughlin, Nevada, Contact Wally Gosnell, Phone (928) 758-8832 or Contact Odie Callin, Phone (702) 298-6246, Email odiec@mamadaexpress.
Kristy Fulmar, Kelly Holder, and David Hennington were the vocalists.
Fulmars are also found in the southern seas and are medium-sized, although the southern giant fulmar (M.