fully fledged

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(of a bird) having reached full development with fully grown adult plumage


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(of persons, e.g.) having gained full status

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This could result in Cardiff Airport either being a fully fledged hub, or, if not that, one that would supplement London as something less, with Schipol possibly being the main hub for air travel alone out of South Wales as it now is.
The Colombo city is becoming a fully fledged and glamorous metropolis.
We want to make it a fully fledged visitor attraction - a permanent home for what is a terrific collection.
Summary: Madison Holdings Jordan announced today the extension of its network into the Kuwaiti market via Madison Kuwait, a Kuwait City based, fully fledged advertising agency
Not only did our little lady have a singing part in her school eisteddfod, proudly standing at the back of the stage in her seriously cute Welsh costume, but she also became a fully fledged Rainbow.
Having made their final review, the leaders decided to start their fully fledged negotiations on September 3, 2008 under the good offices mission of the UN secretary general.
The document added that the leaders "agreed to discuss the details of the implementation [of the agreement] during fully fledged negotiations".
Having started out as a protection project, the scheme has now become a fully fledged reserve playing a large part in the local community.
LOCAL government on Teesside this month sees a new organisation becoming fully fledged to drive forward the economic fortunes of the area.
The airport said that the new facility will triple the space of the existing general aviation terminal and is the first step towards the offering a fully fledged executive handling operation.
Victoria Wood has already become a fully fledged Asda baker after spending three shifts in-store for the first in a series of new documentary-style adverts, to be screened next month.
Originally an agricultural settlement on the edge of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan has mushroomed to a fully fledged city, housing Israel's national stadium, a major diamond exchange, and the country's tallest office tower.
Before the green tire can become a fully fledged member of the mile-eating tire family, it has to undergo a crucial step, i.
As a fully fledged EU central banker Dr King is a member of the council, even though Britain is not in the eurozone.
This is an intriguing look at the life of a well-established mountaineer from his first rock-climbing days, through the 1996 tragedy, to his monumental successes as a fully fledged world-class climber.
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