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a form of carbon having a large molecule consisting of an empty cage of sixty or more carbon atoms

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The NREL researchers strategically partnered with colleagues at Colorado State University to take advantage of expertise at each institution in producing donors and acceptors with well-defined and highly tunable energy levels: semiconducting SWCNT donors at NREL and fullerene acceptors at CSU.
Preparation and crystallographic characterization of C60{[eta] 1-Ru(CO) 2([eta]5-C5H5)}2: a locally crowded organometallic fullerene without the usual [eta]2-bonding.
We studied the action of a water-soluble fullerene derivative F-828 carrying COOH groups [18, 19] upon serum-starving human embryo lung diploid fibroblasts (HELFs).
The chemistry of fullerene (C60) has opened up an avenue to new research of materials and its applications since the discovery of fullerene in 1985 [1].
These new C60 based fullerene derivatives solve critical thermal degradation issues.
In this work, we examine the interaction of four isomers of glycine radicals on the fullerene [C.
Engineers at imec have developed a third option, one that removes fullerenes from the equation.
The cages have faces of 12 regular pentagons and up to 480 irregular hexagons, which puts them into a category of shapes called fullerenes.
Differential thermal analysis was conducted for carbon nanofiber, fullerene and carbon-fullerene coating in air and nitrogen atmospheres.
In this paper, using DFT, structural units of diamond, graphite, carbon nanotube (Armchair type) and fullerene (C60) were simulated, obtaining charge distribution, electron total density, molecular orbitals, electrostatic potential, Nuclear Repulsion Energy (NRE) and Structure Total Energy (TE) values to describe the behavior of the compounds and to perform a comparison with elasticity modulus.
Spiral-shaped polymer chains can form stable complexes with guest compounds such as fullerene, and can be useful as release agents.
The fullerene molecule, 60 carbon atoms arranged in a soccer ball structure, has been studied with a view toward biomedical applications.
The first volume, Synthesis and Supramolecular Systems, explores such topics as new reactivity in fullerene chemistry, perfluoroalkylation of fullerenes, metallic oxide clusters in fullerene cages, solubilized carbon nanotubes and their redox chemistry, the covalent functionalization and characterization of carbon nanotubes, and porphyrin-fullerene supramolecular chemistry.
SDK) have entered into a strategic partnership in the Fullerene business.
The aim of the present study is to investigate the toughness of the epoxy polymers modified with fullerene [C.