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Synonyms for full-scale

Synonyms for full-scale

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In France, the opening of a full-scale inquiry does not imply guilt.
The full-scale testing will include demand-supply balancing, distribution network management and total grid operation for the future as well as the verification of smart grid technologies performance in very severe conditions such as loss of part of the grid due to earthquake, lightning or other weather related events.
Reidy's article wisely omits to predict when a full-scale pilot plant will arrive in Britain.
Next, Settles' team intends to use shadowgraphy to image shock waves unleashed in a full-scale, exploding airplane.
While Toray has already introduced 'Ecodear' as both fiber and resin products, the company believes the material's full-scale entry into the film field, where a huge demand is expected in the future, would add momentum to its environment-friendly advanced materials business.
Jacobs observed that another potential issue with the acquisition strategy was me fact that Boeing and Hughes were teamed for the full-scale engineering development phase.
The problem for many children with dyslexia is that they can perform poorly on some of the sub tests, giving a lower Full-scale score than might be expected, given their possible high ability.
Given his indifferent painterly technique and underdeveloped emotional range, it is perhaps unsurprising that Rielly's images work better when small and clustered than translated into full-scale individual pictures.
Industry would prefer not to have to do full-scale testing.
Phase 2 will consist of research and development and Phase 3 will be full-scale development.
Working models and full-scale demonstrations will give buyers a better opportunity to evaluate new products and services.
NIST found that an emerging fire suppression technology based on air bag technology was the most effective suppressant type tested in the full-scale engine compartment scenario.
If successful, these programs could lead to full-scale manufacturing contracts.
To briefly recap, this land was supposed to be used as a badly needed full-scale intermodal freight center for New York City.
Since then, many enthusiasts have hammered together full-scale replicas of the Flyer, but no one has ever figured out the trick of getting them off the ground.
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