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Synonyms for full-bodied



Synonyms for full-bodied

marked by richness and fullness of flavor

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My personal favourite on offer is the Maresdous, which blends sour, sweet and bitter tastes, giving a full-bodied punch to every sip.
With ham, consider a full-bodied white wine with a hint of sweetness.
For a casual meal of meatballs and pasta try McGuigan Classic Shiraz 2012, Australia (PS7.99, Tesco) which is nicely rounded and full-bodied without being too overpowering.
Martino noted that Scotch ales traditionally are dark and full-bodied with a sweet maltiness and higher alcohol content.
Cranberry Cabernet cat treats full-bodied flavor agrees with any cat's sophisticated taste.
The rich, full-bodied flavour of VIAO comes from the same high quality arabica beans as used in all Starbucks coffee, ethically sourced from the top 3% of the world's coffee supply.
The symbol for full-bodied whites is a barrel, and the barrel wines are described as rich, luscious, oak accents for shellfish, pork, chicken, and creamy seafoods.
Terms such as 'full-bodied', 'oaked' and 'chewy' are included in the McWilliams bid to de-mystify wine-speak.
Red wine should be young and full-bodied such as a Burgundy or something from Bordeaux.
Renoir won acclaim for painting idyllic landscapes, peacefully posed still lifes, and contented human figures--rosy-cheeked children or full-bodied women: impressions of paradise.
But O'Donnell eschewed Graham's dark dramatics in favor of a breathy, full-bodied style that was highly technical and intensely physical.
Fentimams, the Newcastle-based drinks company which has built its reputation on producing a range of "botanically brewed beverages", has launched a full-bodied shandy which contains almost seven times more beer than any other packaged shandy on the market but, because of Fentimans' unique fermentation methods, has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of less than 0.5% so is still classed as a soft drink.
Medium to full-bodied whites that haven't been oak-aged possess a bit of complexity, thus giving them the power to either complement or contrast with a flavorful dish.
Full-bodied enough to cope with roast chicken and garlic, or fish risottos.
Made by a husband-and-wife team in Stellenbosch, this full-bodied and full-flavoured white is matured in oak barriques.