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a person who adds numbers

a machine that adds numbers

small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia

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This requires 64 full adders and 64 AND gates for implementation [10], [11], [12].
Shubin, "Analysis and Comparison of Ripple Carry Full Adders by Speed", XI International Conference and Seminar EDM, pp.
Two or more full adders are cascaded together to perform multiple bit addition.
By, rewriting the above full adder designs expression, the following three possible full swing GDI full adders are designed.
Indeed partial product reduction stage in multipliers is a multi-operand addition operation which often implemented by full adders and half adders as basic arithmetic component in carry save addition manner.
Reduce the number of partial products to two layers of full adders.
A novel high-speed and energy efficient 10transistor full adder design," IEEE Trans.
As when all the inputs to the full adders are low, then the outputs are also low values.
It seems that due to the use of half adders in its place of full adders state (11) cannot appear.
With an array multiplier [8], two binary numbers will be multiplied by use of an array of half adders and full adders.
It is possible to create logical circuit using multiple full adders to add N-bit numbers.
The ripple carry adder is accumulated by cascading full adders (FA) blocks in series [10-15].
Static full adders are generally more reliable, simpler with less power requirement but the on chip area requirement is usually larger compared with its dynamic counterpart [3].
The Carry Save Adders (CSA) is the conventional full adders in which carries are not connected.
So it consists of 1 Half Adder (HA) and 63 Full Adders (FAs).