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a leader and organizer and spokesman (especially a political leader)

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Both horses turned good profits for connections: Stevie's Wonder was a €3,000 vendor buyback at last year's Goffs Sportsmans Sale, while Fugleman had been bought out of the ring for PS11,250 by Middleham Park Racing from the consignment of Gaybrook Lodge Stud at the DBS Breeze-up Sale in April.
He had been a leading fugleman for the so-called Redemption movement at the turn of the twentieth century that overthrew a functioning biracial regime and narrowed the black franchise by literacy tests, seizing political control for the Democratic Party and two generations of white supremacy.
John South feels he must keep time to the movements of his elm--"[a]s the tree waved [he] waved his head, making it his fugleman with abject obedience"--and is convinced it will collapse on him (TW 84).
Hong Kong industry acted as a valuable fugleman for mainland China's logistics development.
The influence of Nietzsche's philosophy on Davidson's thought is difficult to assess, and Davidson strenuously defended himself against the accusation of being a disciple or prophet of Nietzsche,(24) whom he discredits by lodging bluntly racistarguments: 'You must remember that Nietzsche, the fugleman in this business [the philosophy of the overman], was a Pole.
Doubtless, much of this was the legacy of the rather-have-a-monkey-than-a-bishop-for-an-ancestor cast of thought following upor Darwin's theories, so resoundingly championed by his fugleman Huxley which seemed to cage humankind inescapably in the zoologic frame.
The "fistic phraseology" describing the Government pugilist is extended into militaristic metaphor: not only is Gradgrind an educational "cannon," his blue books are an "army" constantly strengthened by "the arrival of new recruits," Slackbridge is a "fugleman," and Coketown an "ugly citadel" with "innermost fortifications" (96, 144, 63).
Jacobson's persona here is Barney Fugleman, protagonist of his novel Peeping Tom:(6)
vvgr f Moti Mahal (foaled 1923, The Tetrarch - Maglona, by Fugleman).