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These components and systems feature the Company's advanced fuel system technologies, which improve efficiency, enhance power output and reduce emissions by electronically sensing and regulating the proper proportion of fuel and air required by the internal combustion engine.
Fuel Systems Solutions earned six Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certifications for several 2009 Chevrolet and GMC branded vehicles including passenger cars, light duty class pickups, cargo vans and SUVs commonly used for fleet vehicles.
Westport will open a new LNG Fuel System Assembly Center in British Columbia to support the Kenworth factory initiative and to increase production capacities of LNG fuel systems to meet growing market demand.
In positioning our company to enter the international marketplace, we are pleased with our progress securing critical intellectual protection for markets such as China," said Hybrid Fuel Systems CEO Mark Clancy.
Session 1 on fuel system design considerations will include the following presentations: "Fuel system design and operating requirements," RalfGrunbaum, Volkswagen AG, Germany; and "Global automotive fuel formulation and quality," John Price and Ian Roberts, Intertek Caleb Brett, U.
Howard Duxbury, TI president of Global Fuel Systems, says that the investment in the Hartwell plant is the single biggest made in the history of the company, yet adds, "We would like to increase the investment by $10 million.
But anytime you find water or other contaminants in the fuel-water separator or fuel system filter sump, here's what to do:
Accompanied by a companion website housing a MATLAB/SIMULINK model of a modern aircraft fuel system that allows the user to set up flight conditions, investigate the effects of equipment failures and virtually fly preset missions.
And while he admits the design is slightly more expensive than conventional fuel filler systems, he claims the price will fall as volume increases and bring significant cost savings when the DFS is designed as part of the total fuel system.
According to Hybrid Fuel Systems, the emission readings are contained in a report provided to the company by an independent lab titled "Emission and Fuel Consumption Data Obtained in Accordance With CARB Retrofit Verification Protocol for On-road Heavy-duty Engine Applications to Verify Particulate and NOx Reductions When Operating With the Hybrid Dual Fuel System Using a 2001 Model E7-350 Mack Diesel Engine -- January 5, 2005.
Not draining the separator leaves water and crud in the fuel system.
Europeans were the first to embrace plastic fuel system technology with 80% of their vehicles already equipped with plastic fuel systems.
To counteract vehicle fires that can occur via the fuel system, automotive manufacturers may specify that the entire fuel system be able to dissipate an electric charge, according to the company.
CVR reportedly lets a fuel system that was emitting 54 mg of hydrocarbons per day cut emissions to 24 mg/day.
The brochure explains how the proven technological characteristics of the company's fluoropolymers result in low permeation, longer lasting and more fuel- and temperature-resistant seals, hoses and other critical fuel system components that meet CARB, EPA and industry standards.