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the amount of fuel remaining

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Constraints on the remaining fuel level, fuel-stop locations, refueling amount, and fuel-tank capacity are imposed on the model to incorporate differences in characteristics between conventional and alternative fuel trucks.
An Electronic Control Module converts tank readings through the Fuel Level Interface Module and outputs the signal to the factory-installed fuel gauge.
Bulgarian grain farmers plan to stage a protest on July 24 against a new requirement to install fiscal devices and fuel level indicators.
According to Fozmula's Sales Director, Paul Holtby, the G/LL65 is ideal for applications such as monitoring fuel level in tanks on generator sets and off-highway vehicles.
Any temperature or resistive fuel level input channel on the EDC may be used to monitor the state of a switch, relay or output from a remote device.
The pilot stated that during the preflight of the aircraft, the fuel gauge indicated 65 gallons and there was no way to visually confirm the fuel level through the fueling port.
The acquired business, with a staff of 20, is engaged in the design and production of next generation wireless cabin control systems, solid state power distribution and management technologies and fuel level sensing solutions.
In an audio recording released by the Door County Sheriff's Department, Helen Collins calmly discussed the runway location and her low fuel level before her attempt to land the plane into Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
have jointly developed the world's first portable liquid-level gauge for vessel fuel tanks, which reduces workload needed to measure a ship's fuel level during bunkering and enables more accurate measurement.
FuelCheck software tracks the fuel level via the DataLink data recorder of the refrigeration unit's Advance microprocessor control.
3 cell tank fuel level sensor is mounted in the motive flow control pressure line upstream of the transfer shutoff valve in the No.
Seven in 10 of those polled said they checked their fuel level before heading off but safety checks were much less common.
And when the fuel level is low it will announce "we just reached the reserve tank so I would say it's time to fill up".
And, when the fuel level is low, it will announce "We just reached the reserve tank, so I would say it's time to fill up!" Should the car be driven with an unsecured door, it is programmed to say "Attention, a door is open - is someone trying to escape?" BMW claims the MINI's new gadgetry marks the launch of next-generation in-car entertainment systems that evaluate a range of vehicle, driving and ambient signals.
Analog gauges are used for oil pressure, engine temperature, voltage, amperage, frequency, fuel level and battery voltage.