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an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

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There is another commonality between Germany's Fuehrer and India's Modi: the 'paranoid Jew hatred had become the centerpiece of Hitler's political activity, relegating him to the dustbin of history as a tyrant who only employed violent ends to seek his goals.
At a time when "expert" statesmen and pundits maintained that Hitler represented a temporary aberration or could be appeased, Elser becomes convinced that the Fuehrer will plunge Germany into war -- and that if nobody else will stop the Nazi dictator, he must do the job himself.
Berlinale competition entry "Jud Suess" starring Bleibtreu as Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was loudly booed last year and 2007's "My Fuehrer - the Really Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler" featuring the Nazi leader as a bed-wetting crybaby was panned by critics.
The idea was to overcome the bad spirits of the past, and to neutralise the historic contamination at the place where the Fuehrer operated his second command centre outside Berlin during the Second World War.
1934: A plebiscite in Germany gave sole power to the Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler.
Then, Cavalli continues, when Cardinal Pacelli was elected Pope on March 2, 1939, "[o]n March 4, Joseph Goebbels, the German propaganda minister, wrote in his diary: 'Midday with the Fuehrer.
Thecarwaspartofafleet used by the Fuehrer in his travels across Europe during W W2.
When der fuehrer says we is de master race We heil heil right in der fuehrer's face Not to love der fuehrer is a great disgrace So we heil heil right in der fuehrer's face.
Many books of this nature, like I Flew for the Fuehrer by Heinz Knoke, one of my favorite wartime accounts, tend to be somewhat heavy handed in an attempt to lead the reader in a certain direction or espouse a certain political point of view.
Social support can create a buffer between stress and graduate students (Bolt, 2004, Jenkins & Elliot, 2004; Jung, 1997; Lawson & Fuehrer, 1989; Mallinckrodt & Leong, 1992), particularly for students already under intense stress (Jenkins & Elliot, 2004; Mallinckrodt & Leong, 1992).
Today, Hitler's model Jew is a little-known character in Holocaust history, yet at the time neither Bloch nor his relationship to the rising Fuehrer was a great secret.
Too many times if you ask me--even the Fuehrer himself escaped in terror when a Staline-like-clad Bugs appeared out of a bag speaking Russian.
Last century, after Adolph Hitler had been elected president of Germany, official Nazi documents show, he planned to abolish the chancellery and make himself fuehrer.
We have evidence that Mr Fuehrer knew Labadze was going to lose,'' said Cashpoint spokesman Michael Wondra.
And her uncle The Duke of Windsor visited Hitler with Wallace Simpson and thought the Fuehrer was a great guy.