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Modesty forbids me to reveal the secrets of the marriage-bed, but nothing could have happened more suitable to my circumstances than that, as above, my husband was so fuddled when he came to bed, that he could not remember in the morning whether he had had any conversation with me or no, and I was obliged to tell him he had, though in reality he had not, that I might be sure he could make to inquiry about anything else.
Fettes was far through his third tumbler, stupidly fuddled, now nodding over, now staring mazily around him; but at the last word he seemed to awaken, and repeated the name
We used most of it to take photos of Gabe in his hospital scrubs and to giggle like overtired schoolchildren, fuddled by a narcotic combination of ignorance and spectacular denial.
That is principally because it is a fuddled, bland nonsense of law which needs clarification.
Today will be for last-minute shopping, usually by boyfriends with brains fuddled by a lunchtime drink with chums, which is why they could easily stump up PS50 for a bottle of Joy by Dior or a Huddersfield Town baseball cap for the lady in their life.
Fish-stained, sloe-ginned, spotted by bean soup, cocked atop his fuddled head, the cap's chevroned weave looks as if he's mauled through a vat of split herring, and dealt the fillets about his skull in circled rays, skeleton-upon-skeleton, each tail pinioned beneath the cap's top button and herring bones fanned away, fillets orbiting and slowly building depth, layer upon layer of tweedy articulated bones--all shoaled across his bald spot, and schooling within his skull, still and then startled, their pickled kin-- whiskey-lit shad darting lobe-to-lobe, from synapse to synapse.
Today, children and adults alike are a fuddled lot as those holding high office blithely deride foundational scientific principles.
Since I do not have much sympathy for either leader or their often fuddled policies on Europe and other subjects, I can nonetheless empathise with their separate predicaments.
One, slightly random example: toilets in bars are notoriously riddled with 'witty' graffiti scribbled on the walls by happy customers, brought on by the twin euphoria of fuddled brains and grateful bladders.
Of course, you need to do a little tweaking in order to get the mods to work in Skyrim VR, but it's nothing too complicated, and those who've fuddled around with mods in the past should have no problems.
Now to follow the young people's argument, that is if my fuddled brain can: they say that we old gits should not be allowed to vote on things which the young say we should not.
She couldn't recall putting it on, but then she often got a bit fuddled nowadays.
The carnage raised immediate fears of terrorism, fuddled by recent attacks in England, France and Germany in which vehicles ploughed through crowds of pedestrians.
Perhaps the last thing you need when you've arrived there, brain fuddled with jetlag, is a conversation with Damon Albarn in full manic flow.
He said Foley discovered that the room had been locked and in his "fuddled brain" decided to get his own back by knocking down the wall.