fucoid algae

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any of various algae of the family Fucaceae

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Our results suggest that fucoid algae possess a "physiological sensor" of hydrodynamic conditions that is coupled to the control of gamete release, a key event in the life history of organisms with external fertilization.
48 m/s used in our experiments effectively inhibited gamete release in the three species of fucoid algae tested, both under oscillatory flow generated by orbital shaking, or under more constant flow conditions generated by stirring.
Published data on rates of carbon fixation in emersed fucoid algae suggest that photosynthesis is not carbon saturated in air (e.
This independent source of selective pressure on physiological traits should be particularly important in organisms such as fucoid algae that inhabit stressful environments and lack asexual reproduction.
Polyspermy blocks in fucoid algae and the occurrence of polyspermy in nature.