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They call each other Gerry (an all-purpose euphemism for "fuckup"), but otherwise we know nothing about them.
And gettin' into a fuckup habit's one sure sign you bess do the same.
I'm sitting here, and I know it's not the Great Satan, it's just the Great Fuckup, the great snarl and tangle of commerce and people confusing commerce with progress, lifestyles with redemption.
This was the second time I had to deal with some fuckup who had blown himself away with a claymore.
Cool for You is the latest chapter in Myles's life-as-art life, and many of its elements will be familiar to readers of her previous work (most famously, 1994's Chelsea Girls): the hardscrabble childhood, the adolescent angst around sexual orientation and gender identification, the drinking, the drugs, the men, the women, the ecstasy of being a bad girl, the agony over being a fuckup.
"Jesus, Dunne, you are one hell of a fuckup," he said.
The kindly McDougal, Stewart says, saw Clinton as "an amiable fuckup who needed help." Thus we have a thirty-four year-old recovering alcoholic, at a sectarian school in what's a country town even by Arkansas standards, playing the part of power broker.
Wilsey's narrative, told against the backdrop of the haute echelons of San Francisco society, is a classic tale of excess and redemption, of a "rich, white, punk fuckup" overcoming the ills caused by his self-obsessed parents.
I thought by pointing out my colleagues' failings I might distract him from my own, more egregious fuckups, the skipped rehearsal being only the first one that came to mind.
You know it when you hear it: the seesawing beats; the gliding hooks that feel like they're rising out of some dark, hazy hell; the erupting bursts of lyricism that twist and turn before suddenly dissolving; the tales of endless nights and lost loves and unpardonable fuckups. Uzi has a wunderkind-like proficiency for this particular style, and he knows it.
money as long as love and money serve all burn outs, fuckups and
My friends' fathers did sensible things like join the National Guard but that wasn't good enough for the Tushniks: always grandiose schemes, unforeseen fuckups, never remorse for the wreckage.
The everything is not some bank job you pulled that you didn't want to think about or some baby you slapped or some lover you betrayed, it's not so easy as that, though sometimes it seems these occurrences have something to do with it, and there is certainly plenty of work to do to correct the fuckups you have gotten yourself and others into during the lowdown time.
I think we're at a point now in the 21st century that we can look back at the 20th century and begin to locate Pound's fuckups re: Mussolini in the same context as any number of other poets' fuckups re: Stalin.
Reagan's monumental hard-on for nuclear power is just down the street from these real-life fuckups. Lead singer and songwriter Jes "The Mess" got his teeth knocked out by a cop and was sued by said cop for splitting his knuckle while jamming it down Jes' throat.