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Synonyms for fucked-up

snarled or stalled in complete confusion


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Be fucked-up for the rest of your life, or take care of your kid and raise her, and give her the props to be the best person that she can be?
A lot of my work is about this fucked-up perpetual-motion machine that seems to run on its own.
But the dialog strains, and O'Haver's sleight of hand only temporarily distracts us from the warped spectacle of a solidly identified gay man placing all his bets on a fucked-up closet case.
Instead, what emerges is a kind of righteous, almost critical reading of just how fucked-up this world really is.
The only difference is the man has a penis, and people in the world have this fucked-up idea that you can't kiss the same sex, you can't fuck the same sex, you can't enjoy and be in love with the same sex.
In Untitled, 1992, a green-eyed kiddo in a Spitfire Wheels T-shirt and backward cap, kicking back, drinking a Bud, triggers a fucked-up syncopation as his open zipper exposes the slit in his boxers and his spitfire balls.
From Frank Stella's fat and fucked-up objets de hood to the highly caffeinated uberabstractions of artists like David Reed, Fiona Rae, and Fabian Marcaccio, ultraneurotic painting continues to make the global rounds.