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Yeah, it was fucked because there was actually no real influence for it.
The idea had been brewing nearly since Fucked Up's inception, little seeds and strange characters populating early liner notes.
Brent: We got kicked off a show in Nashville because I was fucked up on acid and ripped a bathroom up.
Did you or did you not," I pointed out, "fuck me without a rubber this morning--as you have every time we've fucked in the past five months?
Each tells a personal story, usually involving some hopeful situation that gets hopelessly fucked up through no fault of the speaker's own and requires a narrow escape.
What I really want to say is that Andrew Reynolds is an awesome skater, and probably a real cool dude on top of that, but he's fucked up.
So you can get fucked by anybody, but as far as mentally, I like to mind-fuck people a lot.
These conventions need to be fucked with by the lesbian: it is a serious critical and theoretical task to do so.
You guys have been around long enough that someone could come out of the woodwork and say, "Hey, you fucked us.
Big who dominates most of the white characters' lives yet gets fucked in the ass by a psychopathic redneck).
At that moment you should look at your own iPod, so you can see that the screen's all fucked up and half of it's black.
In the late 20th century, here is a guy who is fucked up by his lineage.
Now overgrown and sort of fucked up (after the state built a road up its flatbottom), Wallos is left largely to nostalgia victims and the occasional Natural Koncept pro.
To be, as it were, transgendered: himself and his mother-sister; to fuck and be fucked both ways simultaneously.
It was basically an article about Gilley and me getting fucked up all weekend and not skating at all.