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Fuck just to fuck / fuck to forget / fuck cuz you're tired / or
Fuck his ignorant free thought, Fuck his music, Fuck his shoes, Fuck his clothes.
the beams of our high-ceilinged home shake when we all fuck
What the fuck? I did my best to sound off like I had a pair.
The person I fuck is a bio woman and I am a bio man, but on any given day that may not be the way we identify.
People have a habit of throwing things at you about your past in such a way that makes it seem like they're making this great statement which unites all our experiences into one while at the same time they dont really give a fuck either way, about the reality, how things truly were, whether you were baldy or had a head like Samson and Delilah.
The creative side of me said be bold with your prose, but I knew that in order to be taken seriously, the motion would have to cover all the legal bases to support the implicit argument that Fuck is an acceptable term--even when said to the school principal.
I say, get the fuck rid of all government grants, endowments, all welfare for the universities, the professors, the deans.
Of all possible combinations, of all the tempting fringes in a dervish world, fuck,
I remember thinking, Fuck, I've gotta 5-0 this thing with just bearings and I can't even grind it with wheels?
"I'll give you two choices: shut the fuck up or get the fuck out.
You make a loop out of the middle of the bridge section and fuck with that until that's the main beat.
I'm your mother, son, you know I adore you, But please go the fuck to shul.
A large appliqued and embroidered blanket (Fuck Fuck Fuck You [all works 2005]), for instance, appeared nearly devoid of content, though on closer inspection it bore an image of the rearing pelvis of a woman, legs spread and surrounded by a school of cartoonish sperm.