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A feminist FUCK YOU turns the aggression of patriarchy back on itself.
Fuck Israel, free Palestine, Fuck Obama and bankemon, Fuck Daaich
For the moment, I just wondered what the fuck "tracking" meant.
And I dont know either how you wanted to butt in there and poke me Sheila because it's no got fuck all to do with you there, that last sentence, the statement I made to him because if it had been intended for you I would've fucking done it like that, I would've addressed myself like that, to you I mean.
The creative side of me said be bold with your prose, but I knew that in order to be taken seriously, the motion would have to cover all the legal bases to support the implicit argument that Fuck is an acceptable term--even when said to the school principal.
I say, get the fuck rid of all government grants, endowments, all welfare for the universities, the professors, the deans.
Of all possible combinations, of all the tempting fringes in a dervish world, fuck,
I did maybe a total of three of those thinking, "Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck
Sit your ass down or get the fuck out of here," he said.
You make a loop out of the middle of the bridge section and fuck with that until that's the main beat.
I'm your mother, son, you know I adore you, But please go the fuck to shul.
A large appliqued and embroidered blanket (Fuck Fuck Fuck You [all works 2005]), for instance, appeared nearly devoid of content, though on closer inspection it bore an image of the rearing pelvis of a woman, legs spread and surrounded by a school of cartoonish sperm.
Well, the splinter just pissed me off [laughing], so fuck the swords--I'm going after the splinter.
Curtis is still going on about this floating cemetery of his, so Pudge goes, Would you shut the fuck up Curtis for Chrissakes, it's flicking Grout down there.