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any of various tropical shrubs widely cultivated for their showy drooping purplish or reddish or white flowers

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This week, it was found out that a Google employee has apparently created a pull request on Swift's GitHub repository that adds Fuchsia OS support to the complier.
First spotted by Hotfix' Kyle Bradshaw, the OS' user interface is called Armadillo and sports a card-based design and is the default system UI for Fuchsia.
Complicating things further is that Fuchsia is based on a new kernel called Magenta, while Google's own Android OS is based on the open-source Linux kernel that has been around since 1991.
FUCHSIA has died - it was the centrepiece of my hanging basket.
Fuchsia comes in an amazing variety of colours, shapes and sizes- some flowering as big as your palm, with others as small as your fingernail.
Eventually, she passed on and the fuchsia became a tangible, daily memory of her love for our garden.
Fuchsia berries IF YOU grow fuchsias you may have noticed that after the flowers come shiny purple berries, which are actually edible.
Fuchsia exhibits never cease to amaze me: they are breathtaking in their array of colours, shapes and sizes - some as big as your palm, others as small as your fingernail.
This gorge gloss delivers a super saturated shade of fierce fuchsia.
Colin Jones and daughter Bethan, 21, of Roualeyn Fuchsia Nurseries in Trefriw scooped their latest awards for their fuchsia exhibits at the Southport Flower Show, including Best in Show.
In this second book in the Shadow Project series, supernatural teenaged agents, Opal, Danny, and Michael, are joined by a new spy, Fuchsia Benson, when they go on a special mission designed to save the 21st century from the black plague.
Although many varieties of Fuchsia are short lived annuals we have brought together a selection of hardy varieties that will give your borders or pots a year on year display.
Taking cues from the spring runways, Estee Lauder's new, limited edition Fuchsia Now Color Collection features a palette of bold colors combined with soft neutrals.
Food writer Fuchsia Dunlop went to live in China as a student in 1994 and decided to eat anything she was offered, no matter how strange or bizarre.