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a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard

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These are small booth-like units ranging from 150 to 600 sq ft.
By averaging out the property pundits' predictions, take-up in 2014 should be circa 647,561 sq ft.
Despite last year's ample figures, this year's predictions showed that the experts were still treading gingerly with a spread of just 240,000 sq ft.
Despite this, this years predictions show the experts are still treading gingerly with a spread of just 240,000 sq ft.
Once the optimist of the group, he is now sitting sheepishly at the bottom of the table with his guess of 495,000 sq ft.
Someone hoping that take-up doesn't suddenly sky rocket is reigning champion, Bruntwood's Rob Valentine, who is plumping for 572,000 sq ft.
Speed: 403 mph, Dimensions: Wingspan 130 ft, 10 in,; length 139 ft.
Let's hope they are nearer the mark than GVA's Mr Glum, Carl Potter, whose 425,000 sq ft guess is the lowest in Office Watch history and 95,000 sq ft off the next closest prediction, Rob Valentine of Bruntwood's 520,000 sq ft.
If you average out the predictions, take-up in 2012 should be circa 650,286 sq ft.
Results show two parallel zones (anomalies) of high conductivity approximately 260 ft.
Seven reverse circulation drill holes tested this idea in an area of 5,000 ft.