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cooking in fat or oil in a pan or griddle

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But, generally, fried foods are unhealthy because frying adds a lot of extra fat and calories.
In the same frying pan, fry the shredded chicken and add a little seasoning to taste.
Reused oil for frying food creates more harmful products in the oil that are absorbed into the food.
Before the invention of frying pans and a gas stove, it was used both for cooking and bread making, depending on the side used.
It's a frying machine with oil and water mixed in the same container.
There are two electric fryers constantly frying the chips as he sprinkles salt and chaat masala on the ones that are done which he tosses up and down in a strainer to let the spices spread evenly.
The method of first frying and then flash freezing the chicken wards against a lot of bacteria.
Frying as a complex unit operation is essentially a cooking process that has been widely used in the food industry.
Deep-fat frying is one of the oldest and most popular food preparation methods worldwide.
Burger King said Satisfries used a different type of batter to prevent some oil from being absorbed by the potatoes during frying. But the company did not have signs in restaurants explaining the difference between Satisfries and regular fries.
Researchers have developed different approaches for reducing the amount of acrylamide in french fries during the frying process.
The authors speculate that at temperatures high enough for deep frying, carcinogenic compounds may form in the food.
While previous studies have suggested that eating foods made with high-heat cooking methods, such as grilled meats, may increase the risk of prostate cancer, this is the first study to examine the addition of deep frying to the equation.
Summary: The objective of present study was to evaluate the vegetable oils used for commercial frying of chicken and samosa, an indigenous fried product of Pakistan.
Justin Lee, CEO of Efficient Enterprises, Inc and avid proponent of deep frying turkey, authored the book that is now available for immediate download on the Amazon Kindle platform.