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cooking in fat or oil in a pan or griddle

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Deep-fat frying is an established process of food preparation worldwide.
To eliminate trans-fatty acids, food manufacturers are searching for alternatives to hydrogenated oils for frying foods.
ADM Pura has launched Wesson Supreme, a new and healthier frying fat for the food service sector.
Cooking Methods: Braising, Frying & Searing (45 minutes) covers the preparation of a number of different entrees including Grandma Bread, searing fish without overcooking it, deep frying chicken wings, and the making of a nutritious stew by braising beef and vegetables.
THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING IN 2005, Aricka Westbrooks, 35, CEO of Jive Turkey, was sleeping on a wooden stool, leaning against the wall of her 1,500-square-foot store in Brooklyn, New York She and her staff were exhausted from frying turkeys 24 hours a day for four days straight.
McDonald's has responded to these concerns by substantially reducing the trans-fat and saturated fat content of its frying oil, although health experts note that the calorie content remains unchanged.
Home frying has the advantage of allowing you to directly monitor the type of oil, its freshness and the temperature to which it's heated.
Take them out of the freezer, spread them on a cookie sheet, and ignore the pan frying or deep frying instructions.
It was the Jesuit missionaries, a Roman Catholic society formed in 1534, who introduced the practice of frying fish to the Japanese.
McCain food scientists have developed a new process that enables them to use flavors that would normally become "heat labeled" or destroyed at temperatures far lower than those used in frying.
And for years, nutritionists have extolled the health advantages of broiling instead of pan frying, since it allows much of the saturated fat to drip away before the meat ever reaches your lips.
Meats, on the other hand, absorbed relatively little fat in frying, perhaps because meats have a lower water content than vegetables and are higher in fat to begin with.