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flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for frying

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Residents tending their gardens on the sunny afternoon last September heard Fryer, 28, shouting aggressively into his mobile phone.
Here are 16 turkey fryer safety tips to keep in mind this holiday season:
Mum-of-two Judy Yorke, from Brighton, has never owned a deep-fat fryer before.
Mum of two Judy Yorke, from Brighton, has never owned a fat fryer before.
The British way of life isn't about doing something that could potentially place your home and family at risk, and if you're not careful, using a deep-fat fryer could do just that," he said.
MARY BERRY has defended her opposition to deep-fat fryers after her comments sparked indignation from MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace.
com QUICK to heat up, this is perhaps the fanciest-looking and most high-tech of air fryers.
Air fryers are a recent innovation in the electric fryer market.
Previously a driver for Biffa Waste Services, Fryer decided to follow in his wife's footsteps when he saw the success she was enjoying as well as the flexibility around her home and business life that her new venture allowed her.
Prior to joining Smart & Final, Fryer spent 14 years at Stamford, Conn.
A radiant fryer developed by a food scientist at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, could revolutionize the fast food industry by enabling it to cook food that retains its "fried" flavor and consistency but has up to 50% less fat and fewer calories than food cooked using conventional methods.
Managing director Gareth Fryer said: "We started looking at succession planning and I wanted to find the right partner to take over our family firm.
The One Step Fryer Boil-Out (FBO) Program is designed to clean carbonized soils from fryers and other industrial food manufacturing equipment.
Raymond Fryer, 31, was caught when police investigating the theft of cable from Ystrad Rhondda station discovered evidence of metal and cable sheathing in his back garden.