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a cook who specializes in fried foods

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It all sounds like silly fun until Ted hears that a fry cook with a grudge has poisoned his French fries--and it seems that he really only has a short time to live (of course, that's not exactly true, in the end).
Bruce Forsyth - a card-happy limelight-hogger The Future's Orange - a free mixer of yellow and red Little Chef Fry Cook - someone simply following orders
Penelope Stowell's The Greatest Potatoes (0786851139, $15.99) covers all kinds of potatoes, from chips and fries to the fry cook who invented the 'world's worst potato' as a joke, coming up with unexpected winners.
Mind you, I was a baking and pastry person at that time, not what I affectionately call a 'fry cook.' There were no formal baking and pastry schools in the United States, so I took the chance of attending The Culinary Institute of America and going through their culinary program, which is twenty-one months, simply to experience six weeks of baking and pastry.
Working as a fry cook at Plumpy's restaurant in Seattle is not what 19-year-old Sam wanted to do with his life.
Jim's early career included teaching history at Boston College, working as a clubhouse man for professional baseball teams, and (his least favorite job) summers as a fry cook on Nantasket Beach.
The film opens with SpongeBob (voiced by Tom Kenny) losing out on a new manager position at the Krusty Krab diner in Bikini Bottom, where he works as a fry cook.
Lost amid the foolish media chatter about the sexual orientation of SpongeBob SquarePants--a cartoon character best described as an exuberant, good-natured and totally nonsexual sponge-shaped kid who has a full-time job as a fry cook at the bottom of the sea--is the one matter that should rightly concern every parent of an impressionable child: the alternative lifestyle of the character who, because of his tiny stature, is most likely to appeal to tiny viewers and shape their choices as they mature.
He worked as a fry cook in a restaurant whose house specialty was breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches.
From humble beginnings as a McDonald's fry cook, Jan Fields juggled work-life roles to ultimately become head of the global fast-food corporation.
"I've been a fry cook and dishwasher in my uncle's restaurant in Mashpee, and Andrew's friend, Joe (Parisi), is helping us out, too" said Patrick Taylor as he chopped vegetables.
Probably not, unless you're a fry cook at a fast-food restaurant.