fry bread

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usually cooked in a skillet over an open fire: especially cornbread with ham bits and sometimes Irish soda bread

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Can you tell us about what prompted you to work on Fry Bread Babes and Strong Hearts as well as something about each film's process?
Foods like fry bread came to be thought of as traditionally native.
Hotel Rouge offers floor-to-ceiling red faux leather headboards and crimson velvet draperies, and in Bar Rouge, the menu includes signature cocktails like "sin on the rocks," a rocks glass filled with Raspberi Stoli, Limonaya Stoli and cranberry juice topped with champagne and garnished with a lollipop, as well as specialty plates such as smoked salmon-wrapped ahi tuna poke with carrot-tequila emulsion and sesame, and warm Navajo fry bread with citrus creme fraiche and American sturgeon caviar.
Dip bread into egg mixture and fry bread until golden.
Indian Fry bread contest, hands down"), they keep the show rolling.
it's easy for the adventurous (or just plain bored) homestead bread baker to offer international cuisine, with such variations as French bread, crumpets, limpas (Scandinavian rye breads), Russian rye, Cornish pasties, pita, Icelandic flatbread, Navajo fry bread, Scandinavian crisp bread, Scottish oat cakes, as well as apfel strudel, challah and focaccia, and all varieties of sweet dough or breakfast breads!
Gran'ma didn't make fry bread her Indian hands refused the mold Instead she chose a different path imposed her will in other ways
A delicious bonus of the wheat flour tortilla was that when fried, it turned into a golden, billowy, tender pillow, dubbed "fry bread" by the Indians.
The Kiowa put down his fry bread and said, "I told my wife in no uncertain terms that from now on she would have to do her own cooking.
Large number of stalls could be seen around roadside in different localities of federal capital selling traditional fried food like samosas, pakoras, French fries, jalaby, phaniyaan, boondi, Cham cham, fry bread, fry eggs, fry spinach, bason ke laddu, patisa, halwa puri, gulgulay, kabab, mince golas etc.
A few feet from Wright's booth the enticing aroma of fry bread wafted through the air.
Heat oil in large pan and fry bread on both sides until crispy.
I don't hold out much hope that the nine pounds I lost before this trip won't be back on by the time I get back, especially if I don't stop eating fry bread.
Fry bread and add to onions/garlic with rest of ingredients.
There often are fry bread eating contests, as well as fry bread cooking contests.