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But the fry shortage will not lead to the death of the country's bangus industry because milkfish remains among the favorite foods of Filipinos, NIFTDC officials said.
Fry is embracing his role in the Sox pen, even if he didn't think he would earn it so soon.
Fry reformed the band in 1997 and they released the album Skyscraping.
For a limited time, buyers of the book are eligible to download a complete series of step-by-step instructional videos, for free, showing them exactly how to deep fry a turkey.
Former amateur star Fry halted the previously unbeaten Tony Salam in his own backyard at London's York Hall then immediately set his sights on Lonsdale Belt holder Tony Oakey.
Less than a mile away, Truffles on Belmont Road, offers a big fry for less than half the airport price.
After his death, his son Charles took over the business until his own death in 1761, where it was then taken over by a Quaker called Doctor Joseph Fry.
I figure you could fry a Snickers bar, cut it in four pieces, and every piece would only be about 200 calories, so it wouldn't kill you.
According to a recent national Impulse Research survey, 72 percent of Americans are looking for the "crispy" taste in a superior french fry and 65 percent wish french fries at home tasted like restaurant fries.
Fry beignets until golden brown; transfer to a paper towel-lined sheet pan and dust with powdered sugar.
In Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America s Fresh Waters, author Robert Glennon shows how each revolution in fry uniformity has come at an ecological cost.
Burger King's Product Consistency department informed us that the recipe for the French fry coating was last reformulated in the spring of 2001.
When he first heard about the real-life exploits of Varian Fry, Lionel Chetwynd was surprised that the name meant nothing to him, even though the writer, director and producer is a Second World War history buff, who "knows all the campaigns and the stories." The tale sounded like Casablanca meets the Scarlet Pimpernel meets Indiana Jones.
Recall the notorious statement by Liberal Multiculturalism and Status of Women Minister Hedy Fry in which she denounced the religious convictions of Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day: "When he said that 'Jesus Christ is the God of the whole universe,' I say that is an insult to every Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh--everybody else who believes in other religions."