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of or relating to or resembling a shrub

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But even though we need to go beyond growth forms to better identify growth factors, it must be borne in mind that they are useful ecological concepts when researchers want to generalize and predict: for example, crustose lichens can colonize more extreme habitats (Rogers, 1990) while foliose and fruticose species are better competitors in less demanding environments (Armstrong, 1993; Armstrong & Welch, 2007).
The species identified in this study are found in different growth-form thallus, foliose, fruticose, crustose, squamulose, gelatinous, leprose, distributed on 15 families (Fig.
The species discussed here are all fruticose lichens.
The cause of the low frequency of certain otherwise common species and cyanolichens, coupled with the absence of fruticose lichens other than those of the genus Cladonia, is unclear and requires further study.
x x x x Gongylanthus scariosus x x x Lethocolea pansa x x x Phaeoceros laevis x Riccia bifurca x x Riccia crinita x x x Riccia crystallina Riccia lamellosa x Riccia nigrella x x x Riccia sorocarpa x x x x Targionia hypophylla Lichens Fruticose Cladia aggregata x x x Cladia corallazion x Cladonia cervicornis Neophyllis mucrolemma Siphula coriacea Teloschistes sieberiana x Thysanothecium scutellum Usnea scabrida subsp.
While, for temporal sampling, the fruticose lichen Ramalina canariensis Steiner was chosen because it is relatively easy to collect, clean, and transplant, its fruticose growth form facilitates particle interception and tolerates some sea influence [105].
Auloporida formed arbustive or fruticose colonies with proximal corallites commonly prostrate or adherent to other biogenic or inorganic remains; may have erect corallites (fasciculate) or branched (dendroid) and more rarely cerioid.
Biosorbent Biosorption capacity, mg [g.sup.-1] Ficus religiosa (peepal) [22] 3.60 Hypogymnia physodes (Foliose lichen) [23] 9.90 Evernia prunastri (fruticose lichen) [24] 5.72 R.
Furthermore, the highly specialized structure of the xylem throughout both stems and roots of herbaceous dicotyledons, not only affords conclusive supplementary evidence of the derivation of herbaceous from arboreal or fruticose dicotyledons, but also is an insuperable barrier to the derivation of monocotyledons from herbaceous dicotyledons."
Establishment of Acanthoscelide pallidipennis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) feeding in seeds of the introduced legume Amorpha fruticose, with new record of its Eupelmus parasitoid in Japan.
Awasthi (Ramalinaceae) is a tufted, errect, fruticose lichen with thallus corticolous, tufted, errect, yellowish grey in colour, branched [14].
Or why lovers bother with roses instead of sending a dozen fruticose lichen thalli.
Thirty-one species are of the crustose growth form, 27 are foliose, 8 are fruticose and 3 are squamulose.